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Achievement and Change

Updated on April 27, 2016

Existence consists of stages. Stages consist of experiences. Experiences that constitute changes. Changes that signify beginning, that signify continuation. Changes that, may, or may not, signify achievement. Achievement that persons seek. Achievement that persons desire.

However, achievement is not an endpoint. Achievement is not an endgame. Achievement is part of the ongoing stages. Achievement is part of the continuing experiences. Stages and experiences that come one after another, that differ from each other. Stages and experiences that form reality, that comprise actuality. However, persons shut themselves from reality. Persons lock themselves from actuality. They box themselves in illusion. They wall themselves in phantasm. Illusion that achievement is an endpoint. Phantasm that achievement is an endgame. However, persons undergo pupilage. Persons undergo studentship. Persons undergo employment. Pupilage, studentship, and employment, all are stages, all are experiences. The achievement at one stage is not the reflection of the achievement at another stage. The achievement in one experience is not the reflection of the achievement in another experience, for the transition of stages, of experiences, denotes change.

Change that indicates the reality that pupil’s achievement does not foretell student’s achievement, the actuality that student’s achievement does not forecast employee’s achievement. Change that indicates the reality that persons as what they are as pupils does not foretell what they will be as students, the actuality that persons as what they are as students does not forecast what they will be as employees. Thus, achievement is not a predictor. Achievement is a stepping-stone. A stepping-stone that leads persons to another stage, to another experience. Stage that holds distinct system. Experience that brings distinct portion, wherein the newcomers are equals, wherein the newcomers are beginners, wherein the newcomers are introduced to both faces of existence, the good and the bad, that may, or may not, grant them the achievement they seek, the achievement they desire.

Achievement and Change

Ae Clane


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