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Acrostic Poem: A Sister Brings a New Beginning

Updated on January 17, 2012

Freemason Symbol


Acrostic: A Sister Brings a New Beginning

For Washington DC is a club.

Relationships built on foundation of love.

Everyone one in the club is a brother.

Everyone outside the club is another.

Masonic secrets live in the lodge.

A high priestess will arrive they can’t dodge.

So sisters and brothers will be united.

One country no longer divided.

New beginning will be provided.


Well of course current affairs have inspired me to write this Acrostic poem. It would seem women are still massively oppressed. It is amazing because it would seem African Americans have decided white women are to be excluded for ever damned to discrimination.

To be clear the High Priestess to which I refer to in this poem is no one currently serving in any political office or running for office.

It is time for a serious change in American politics and that will only happen if and when black men and white women are embraced for more than infantry. And while this may not be popular to write it is a fact.

As always I am a student of life and in this moment of poetry so I am trying to hone my skills. I have merged my political satire with my poetry at this time but will probably not continue it forever.

And while I have long familial history with the Freemasons I was not allowed to join because I was a woman and it is only a fraternal order. But if you are interested there are lodges in your community everywhere you just need to look for them.

Acrostic Poetry

I am not an expert but it seems like a pneumonic device. I hope I wrote the poem correctly but this is all an experiment in learning poetry and I will trust your feedback as to whether I have got it or not.

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