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Updated on March 6, 2014

I don't want to believe that its wasn't Eze Charles Nnamdi, and Maduabuchi Augustine, both of you are still in your 20s but you are both grown. You both chose evil and knows evil more than good. On the 4th of February 2014, you both unleashed evil on a gentle dove. What did you guys benefit from the damage you caused the entire world? Imo State lost a son and the world lost a friend. Prince Noel, you are gone but you will forever be my friend.


I cry like the rest of your friends

No word to express my bitterness

If you had cancelled this year's event

Believe me you will still be here with us

But that i know isn't your nature

Adieu my good friend

You have a heart purer than gold

You are one of the earthly Angels

Did you see Mandela upon arrival

Prince Noel,i am trying to understand

How did they get to you that morning

Adieu my good friend

Should i leave it for the police or your maker

In the hand of God you are now

Tears will remain on our eyes for long

Sorrow we will carry until our time

You go in honor but they will go in shame

Adieu my good friend


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