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Advantage Of Taking A Break From Your Work

Updated on December 26, 2013

Taking a break from work

When you take a break from your work, it helps to see the work in a broad perspective and break them down into simple individual achievable tasks.

Putting The Work Under Perspective

Taking a break helps to put your work under perspective. You can ponder over your work and make improvements in your next session.

Break to know your work path-escape fear of unknown and express thoughts

Fear of the unknown can prevent you from expressing your ideas. Sometimes if you do not know your path, it is like walking in darkness and it could make the task of writing daunting. The same ay applies to when writing and not knowing what you are writing about. Breaking should help you to understand and have control over your thought pattern. It’s therefore necessary that you break often to take notice of your know your thought pattern and your work path. So that you can continue in the appropriate direction confidently. You will be able to notice your best ideas and less important ones.


Break the enslavement

When you break from your work, it helps you to enjoy the work. When you are stuck so much to the work, to some extent you feel enslaved by your work. This can make you lose interest in your work. You should not let your work control you else, you are going to feel stressed up by the work. When your work disallows you from connecting to other aspects of your like, it can make you hate the job. You can enjoy your work when you feel in control. The only way to feel in control of your work is to take a break from time to time.

If you do not take a break, you would find yourself doing other unnecessary stuff just to make you feel in control and the work less boring. You will be well advised therefore to take a break yourself and use that period wisely.

Breaking helps to bring new ideas-regaining your bearings and focus

When you take a break, you are able to gain new and advance ideas to improve upon your work. Most of the important ideas that you need to improve in your work only occur to you when you have taken a break from your work. This is mostly fueled by your fear of failure. Fear of failure can make people get stuck to their work or behind the computer for hours. However, being stuck to your computer for hours could make you fail rather by making you feel complacent. You could lose your bearings sometimes when you are stuck behind your computer. Evolving ideas can make you forget your working plan/schedule and lose confidence and the inspiration to write. The computer itself could also become a distraction to your work. When the writing process starts getting boring, you might find yourself doing other time-wasting stuff on the computer just to kill time. These includes video playing, watching a movie. When you break from the work when tired, you are able to avoid wasting your productive time on unnecessary stuff on the computer. You actually break away from the temptation of putting the computer into use apart from work that could be very addictive and impede your work process. You will be able to regain your bearings and notice the important aspects of the work that needs taking care of. You will know the next step to take.


Noticing shortcuts to handling tedious work-improvement in your work

Taking a break from your work also helps you to notice shortcuts in doing tedious work. You can therefore work more quickly to make up for the time lost during the break.

Breaking helps to deduce Titles for your content

When you take a break from your work especially in the case of writing, you are able to come up with titles and subtitles for your ideas. This is possible because breaking helps to give you an overview of ideas you are writing.

You avoid certain health risk

Taking a break from your work also helps you to avoid certain health risk associated with sitting behind your computer for a very long time.

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    • jonillynn profile image

      jonillynn 4 years ago

      I was just talking about 'taking a break' from my work this morning. My husband and I are both students and we have been experiencing major 'burn out'. It is amazing how a small break can revive a person!! Great post!