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Advantages Of Arranging Your Ideas

Updated on December 26, 2013

About idea arrangement-patterns of arrangement not perfect

The first draft of any idea is not a perfect piece. After writing your draft, the writer needs to put his or her ideas in order to make the article clearer and intelligible to reader.

Advantages of arranging your ideas

When you arrange your ideas well, you are able to see your own thought pattern and have confidence in your ideas. You can write more when ideas have been arranged in a thought pattern that conforms to yours. You are also able to escape a writer's block when you put your ideas in the appropriate pattern. You should arrange your content. You can make sense to the reader if the ideas are arranged appropriately. The arrangement of the individual ideas in the content can also influence the diction, technical words as well as connecting phrases used in the content. Arrangement to some extent is a way that the writer adds a personal touch or his signature to the content - making it unique. Because the arrangement of the content also reflects the thought pattern of the reader.

Inappropriate arrangement of ideas makes it difficult to understand a particular content.

Sometimes you do not understand a piece of material just because it is in a thought pattern or arrangement that does not conform to yours or any material that you have read in the past. In other words, a reader is able to relate to a particular piece of content not just because of the keywords but the pattern arrangement conformity to the thought pattern of the reader.

Knowing your readers can help you arrange your ideas]

A reader may understand one article and not the other although the two articles may be on the same topic but due to the arrangement of the ideas, it will be easy for them to understand yours than others. Because they may share a similar thoughts pattern with the writer. If they do not share a similar thought pattern with the writer, they have to rack their brains stressfully trying to understand or conform to the arrangement in order to understand what has been written. Knowing your reading audience, you will know whether to start with the most important examples to the least important or vice versa. Knowing your readers would also help you to put the ideas in the appropriate pattern that would make your readers understand your discussion.

Deducing a particular r pattern of arrangement for your ideas should make your discussion more understandable

Having a particular pattern for your content makes arranging of your ideas easier. Moreover, it helps you to write more. It provides a clear path for you to churn out more ideas that conforms or relates to the individual ideas in the content. You do not have many conflicting ideas. If you understand your article or topic, you will know the suitable pattern of arrangement.

Pick a leading idea to make arrangement of your ideas easier.

In order to group your ideas well and to make grouping and arranging easier, you should first scan through and pick a leading idea.

Differentiate the tones to make arrangement easier.

Make arranging of your ideas easy by differentiating between your different tones in writing. Group tones by questions, by statements, by facts and philosophies, reference or examples, by logic, subject and object, instructional. With the topic of the content in perspective, you will be able to arrange these in order of importance in order to make more sense to the reader.

Further group your topics into categories.

You can also make your arrangement easer by grouping your ideas into categories. Grouping ideas into categories should also help you to write more or deduce more supplementary ideas that are related or in the same theme category of the current article.

Arranging your ideas using subtitles

Another way to group your ideas is the use of subtitles. Subtitles helps to locate your ideas easily and to attach supplementary ideas to your previous ideas or articles. With the appropriate subtitles, you will be able to compare your ideas and come out with good arguments. Subtitles can also help you to come up with ultimate titles for the article.

Giving subtitles to particular ideas in your content should make arranging your ideas easier. You will be able to put your ideas into the appropriate sequence and give your articles a flow that can hold a reader’s attention from the beginning to the end. It is one of the best ways to make your articles interesting to read.

You can easily choose subtitles for your ideas by picking the most catchy phrase. As discussed in the previous paragraph, differentiating between the tones of your sentence should help you to easily determine what the tone of your subtitle should be. Try to make the tone of your subtitle that of which the individual sentences in the particular idea is. This is to say that if more of the individual ideas in the particular idea is instructional, it will be a lot easier for you to give it an instructional tone subtitle. It will consequently make arrangement of the ideas easier.

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