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Advantages Of Capturing Your Ideas On The Go

Updated on December 26, 2013

No lacks ideas- Some ideas may come on the go

No one lacks ideas. There is always something on our minds. The fact that you are unable to write or express your feelings in words only means that you are lacking the appropriate tools to express these thoughts and feelings or convert them into written symbols.

Sometimes, the words to a particular idea or feelings may only occur to you whiles you are on the go. In fact, not every writer can subject him or herself to prolonged isolation in order to derive ideas to write about. Some writers can only draw ideas from their environment and their daily lives.

Capturing your ideas on the go can be a really exciting way of gathering ideas or coming up with ideas to write your articles. The following article will discuss more advantages on capturing your ideas on the go.

Why some writers get stuck to their pc

Some writers may also not be able to leave their work desk or pc due to the fear of failure. They only want to leave when they are sure of themselves that they have been able to accomplish something. As ideas keep occurring to them sometimes, they fear that when they leave the pic or working desk they might miss their ideas or will not be able to capture the interesting fresh ideas that is occurring to them. They do not also want to forget them so they have to remain stuck to their pc.

Becoming enslaved to your work due to the above reasons can make the writing process really boring and stressful.

If you can still capture your ideas whiles on the go, you can always escape the fear of failure and work under less stress.


Writing becomes interesting and much enjoyable

Writing becomes interesting as you get to still connect with other aspect of your life and do what you love doing best- writing. You don’t always have to subject yourself to prolonged isolation. Which also means that you will be under much less stress and confidently churn out more ideas. You have the freedom of doing other things.

Writing becomes much more flexible and interesting

Normally we do not enjoy stuff that deprives us what makes us happy. When you allow the writing process to take away your social life completely. Unless you are naturally anti-social. However, if you are an easygoing person, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy writing much-hence become a successful writer if it always has to take away your social life. If you can capture your ideas on the go, you can still write and enjoy the social aspect of your life or attend to other important things. It makes the writing process much more interesting and less restrictive.

You tend to enjoy the writing process because you gain a much flexible working hours. You do not always have to wait for the inspiration before you write. As the ideas come or occur to you, you get to compile them and then put together as articles when you have a conducive time.

You become Productive in Writing.

When you gather ideas on the go, it also helps you to become much productive in writing - it becomes a part of your life and your daily routine that it becomes impossible to experience a writer’s block. You write more because writing never stops. Even the things that you see around whiles on the go or attending to other important stuff in your life reflect ideas to you. You can derive ideas whiles behind your computer or notepad and at the same time whiles on the go.

Coming up with Real examples that readers can connect to

You are also able to come up with realistic examples that readers can really connect to. When you subject yourself to prolonged isolation so much in writing, you might end up coming up with abstract examples and expression of your thoughts that will only make your ideas difficult to understand by readers. The prolonged isolation could make you stay out of touch with the real world and real situation. This can affect your discourse and examples to sound more abstract to the point that readers are unable to relate to.

Escaping health risk factors

Compiling your ideas on the go is very much helpful when you are tired of sitting for a very long time or subjected yourself to prolonged isolation and you need to relax. You continue to develop ideas as you attend to other important things. Also, taking occasional breaks from your work helps you to avoid other risk factors associated with sitting behind your computer for long hours such as heart diseases resulting from high blood pressure.

This can help to take away your fear of failure as you even get to work when you leave your desk. You are not always glued to your desk because you fear that you will fail. When you are convinced that your work does not actually stop when you leave your pc, you would have the confidence to take occasional break in order to be more successful in writing.

Make sure the writing doesn’t take away so much of your social life

Do not take away the social aspect of your life because of writing else, it will make you feel uncomfortable and the writing boring. In fact, you can begin your daily typing of articles that way.

Advice to writers

Ways to capture your ideas on the go

Find a small paper or notepad with you and write your ideas down as they occur to you. You can even make this process simpler by using a DVR to record the ideas that occur to you on the go.

After capturing your ideas on paper or digital voice recorder, you can then copy the content unto computer by typing. You can also make this procedure easier by underlining major points in the captured ideas. So that you can focus on the major points whiles typing or transferring your ideas into softcopy.

You can always begin your daily typing work by attending to the recorded or written ideas first. That is to say that anytime you have the chance to work behind your computer, you can start by typing the ideas you’ve been able to capture on the go. When you pile up these ideas on the go, you might feel bored and stress.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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