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After An Agonizing Night, Her Path Became Clear

Updated on May 1, 2019
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This was written to make a smile instead of frown, worrying about the C virus and lockdown in our homes.

They both felt alone and somewhat uneasy after arrival at the college where they planned to meet their goals

skyler stood alone watching the girl he'd grown to love board the train that would take her back home.

He wondered if she would ever forgive him?

It all started when they met in the college cafeteria, It was the first time either had left the little town they grew up in.

They both felt alone and somewhat uneasy.

Emma was a beautiful girl with short curly blond hair. with a petite figure. Skyler was strikingly handsome with dark wavy hair and a physique that he'd kept toned since grade school.

They grew up in a small town in Missouri but had never dated, both were focused on going to college and reaching their goals.

Skyler asked her if he could sit at her table and she quickly replied " yes "

Neither had a sibling. Their parents were highly respected. Her father a minister, her mother an RN who worked at the only hospital in town. His father owned a law firm, Skyler was in college to earn a degree in law, planning to join the firm after graduation. His mother ran a day care center for children. Both had lived a safe, carefree and somewhat sheltered life,

Missouri Regional Collage

They lived on campus, Emma and Skyler both had only one roommate. At first they were super busy learning their way in a large university, soon it settled down enough to take a deep breath.

They were invited to a party that was to be held in the male dormitory. They arrived at the same time and quickly became friends.

If either had an inkling of what was to come down, they certainly would have refused.

The student hosting the party, Bill was in his senior year of college and everyone seemed to go along with his idea's. When he left the room and returned with a keg of beer, yelling " Let's party " everyone laughed and joined in. Emma and Skyler had tasted beer before and didn't like it, but they didn't want to appear like nerds so they joined in too. Soon they all were laughing and having a ball. After awhile Bill pulled a bag from his pocket and said " Let's party big time " Skyler and Emma had never smoked pot, but both felt giddy saying " Why not, it's a party " After a few hours of drinking and smoking Bill asked " Is anyone sleepy? The crowd laughed and said " no way," but Skyler and Emma were really tired and needed to lay down, so they went with Bill into his bedroom.

Skyler sprawled out on a bunk bed and was fast asleep. Bill took Emma's hand and led her into his bedroom, soon he started kissing her passionately. Emma responded. The mixture of alcohol and pot was enough to stimulate her, All defenses were gone. She had intercourse for the first time.

Skyler woke to the sound of her softly crying. He realized what had occurred and grabbed Bill, punching him in the face. Emma quickly dressed and left the building.

skyler and Emma barely spoke after that night, soon they were busy with classes and rarely saw each other, but Skyler's heart was breaking, he knew he was in love with her.

Three months passed, Emma was gaining weight and she stopped having periods. She went to the drug store and bought a pregnancy kit, sure enough, she was three months pregnant. She knew her college day's were over, she packed her belongings and asked Skyler to help her with a taxi to take her to the train station to go back home. He felt so very badly about what had happened to her and felt guilty. He wanted to ask her for forgiveness and to tell her that he loved her but was too ashamed to ask.

He knew he had to finish college. He went back to his room, knelt, tears falling and asked God for forgiveness. He knew his savior Jesus would forgive any sin, but could he forgive himself?

Emma had contemplated abortion, how could she possibly bring up a child?

Her mother and father stood by her, hoping and praying she wouldn't choose abortion.

Emma was in agony. She knew taking the life of an unborn baby was wrong. She was up all night, praying and asking for forgiveness. Early in the morning a calmness entered her soul, she knew that she would have the baby, and she felt a love for the child she was carrying like never before.

She lived with her parents. When she started labor her mother and father took her to the hospital, holding her hand until she was ready to deliver. She had a six lb. baby boy that touched her heart completely.

Skyler finished college and returned home to join his father's law firm. He knew that Emma helped his mother in the day care center, throwing all caution aside, he went to see her.

Emma's face lit up like a Christmas tree when he walked in. She introduced him to her son Dillan. He picked him up and all three embraced. He knew he was forgiven and the past forgotten.

He knew a new beginning was on the horizon.


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