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Momma's Girl and Little Angel

Updated on June 21, 2011

Write One for Me

 While in the process of puting some of my writings into Microsoft Word, my daughter, Alaina was reading through some of the papers I had scattered about.

With the sweet, soft, yet high pitched, little girl voice she has she said, "Mom, there isn't a poem about Ethan or Me.  How come?"

My answer to her was "Well, I usulally do my best writing when I'm sad, mad, scared or worried.  When I'm happy I don't feel the need to write so much."

Feeling very satisfied that I answered her question with a satisfying answer, I began typing away again.

After a long period of her quietness she spoke up again and said, "Why would you want to write sad things, you should write happy things too, I bet that would make you even happier.  Can you write one about me?"

I thought about it and realized she had a point and sat down and wrote this for my smart little girl.  She was right too, I got so much joy and happiness out of writing this and even more reading it to her and hearing her giggle and then plant a butterfly kiss upon my cheek.

Think I might start writing all the time.  Cant hurt I guess.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Alaina Lou, I love You

A voice so soft

A heart that’s bold

It hard to believe

She’s 9 years old.


A humming baby

A dancing tot

My cuddle bug

My heart She’s got.


Butterfly kisses

Upon my cheek

The words “I love you!”

She need not speak.



Angel of heaven

Daughter of mine

Beauty within

A child’s mind.


Goofy girl

Fragile heart

My sweet, sweet daughter

We will never part.


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    • mandyf profile image

      mandyf 7 years ago

      I love my little niece!!!!