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Alicia Brooks

Updated on June 5, 2016

Born Alicia Margaret Brooks to Albert Brooks who devoted his time to keep her safe. Her Mother never lived to see her. She was her Father's world and the only reason he ruled out committing suicide after the death of his wife; Alicia's pretty mum.

By the time Alicia completed one year, her devoted Dad was already in a relationship with Jessica a long time family friend who also showered Alicia with unconditional love. Somehow, it became obvious that Jessica will become a permanent figure in Alicia's life because her Dad put her through family line and in less than five months, Alicia would have a step brother.

Everything was going on well and little Anthon was the star of the family while Alicia was the light but something that changed the family happened few days before Alicia's third birthday. She started showing signs of dizziness and all of a sudden became blind. A situation that devastated her Dad who immediately stopped believing because if truly he is able then why all the calamity so everything the preacher man said became fairly tale to him.

Another set back occurred again but his insurance policy would take care of his family while he have eternal rest. However, Jessica took a left turn just three months after receiving the insurance benefit because she was named among the beneficiaries. Two million dollars in cash was a big payback and like the saying goes money has it's own power. Jessica decided to keep Alicia in a foster home because taking care of a blind stepdaughter turned out her worst nightmare.

Five years on and another set back happened again to Alicia as Jessica was diagnosed of cancer which quickly spread to her internal system and left her in and out of coma. Doctor told her to expect the worst. She called her sister in-law that morning because the burden was too much to die with. It was a confession that broke hearts and rekindled tears...

... I don't want to go to hell she said and i don't want to die carrying this sin, i truly loved Alicia but Albert gave her more attention so i became jealous and the desire to punish her became my sole goal, i didn't want her to partake in Albert's estate so i devised a way to achieve my ambition though i didn't want to kill her rather to make her useless so i began feeding her piriton which leaves her weak then i blinded her by dropping drops of hot olive oil into her eyes while she was asleep. A condition doctors failed to understand.

Jessica died three days after her confession and Aunty Clara officially adopted Alicia and Anthon.

"The worst enemy is the one you live with and see a friend in him"- Rossi Mobis.

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