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Aliens and Laser Slitherines

Updated on May 26, 2017

Missile Buttons

Princess Nubiposh hits her Missile Button just to give it a go. BOOM! The Alien turns into slitherines.

Read Daniel 11:36. It has strong implications for our time.

Anammelech does whatever he wants. He exalts himself and blasphemes. He says that he is the creator of all things. He openly promotes the one eye.

More and More Power

He continues to gain more and more power.

Princess Nubiposh has a Human Space Boat.

Princess Nubiposh walks over to the River of Handsome Reward. It is very blue and you can see all the way to the bottom of it. You have heard from Dr. Gurmanaffe that the Black Snow Ball must be dropped in the River of Handsome Reward. You drop it, the snow ball melts, and the river turns black. It is very oily. Out of the oil arises a vehicle that looks like an ant. You hop in the vehicle.

Alien Invasion

There will be an Invasion of Aliens. They will kill many Humans. This will happen in the future. The Aliens have this weird laser thing. It shoots blue beams. Those beams are able to fry humans from the inside out. The lasers turn human organs into soup. Certain characters are arrested and put in prisons. Computer dudes are considered dangerous.

Too Much Currency

The one eye keeps printing more currency. This makes the currency go down in value. The citizens are slowly made poorer and poorer each day. Now, all citizens have a monetary amount on a computer. Easily hackable. It's a number on a screen that lets them know their financial amount.

Princess Nubiposh is 100% Human. She has almost mastered Reso Froth.

The ZionAncientz speak once again with Princess Nubiposh.

We will give you 1,000 Jewish shekels. All we ask from you is one thing.

A catch. What do you ask of me?

We ask that you place a menorah inside of your Master Bedroom.

I will do so. I will buy one soon.


The year is 2050.


The year is 2053.


The year is 2054.

One of my Japanese fans wrote a fan fiction on Beestmeel Bro. Totally cool. I love my Japanese and my South Korean fans. I love all of my Asian fans. I love all of my fans period. I'm thinking it's a female fan because I have dozens of Japanese female fans. Not sure, though. Could be a dude who's really proud of his legs.

My 2 Cents

I'm going to put my 2 cents in about what I feel would have happened in that particular scenario.

The author is correct. Back then, my wife's character was Leetah. She has upgraded since that. Now my wife plays the upgraded character named Lady Berdiah. My wife's eyes are beautiful. They are such a pretty blue. My wife has gorgeous legs. The author is correct.

The bad guy's name is Crone. However, perhaps in this fan fiction Crone has changed his name to Crome. That can be allowed. Crome-san. Interesting. In this world, Beestmeel Bro-san is a half vampire.

Ever heard of a Dhampire?

That coincides with the fact of what happened between Beestmeel Bro and the Lady of Beestmeel Bro. She poisoned his immune system and altered his DNA. Perhaps Beestmeel Bro-san's half vampire genes laid dormant until he screwed up with the Lady. Then her microbots and nanobots triggered the dormant half vampire genes. Pretty cool, indeed.

The author's story is very exciting. You see, Aliens are terrorists. The Aliens committed an act of terrorism. In the story's future, goth clothes are worn because the world becomes so dark. Frothic or Gothic?


The story divulges from canon at the next point. My character, Steward HK Lar Gadite-san, is not a cannibal. My wife's character, Leetah-san, is not a cannibal. Neither of our characters would savagely eat the henchmen.

The story divulges again. My character would never blurt out that secret. After all, I've been keeping secrets for decades. I'm confused as to who Rita-san is. I would like that to be cleared up for me. I like the author's use of the word murdercided. I also like the term concealed Desert Eagles of awesome.

The story divulges again. Green Dragon Final-san would never be teamed up with Steward HK Lar Gadite-san or Leetah-san. Another thing is my character wouldn't get that scared. He might do something stupid to complicate the situation. However, he would still take a decisive action. I love that line. Holding him like a wild Orca. It doesn't get better than that. I get it.

Yup, the clothes would definitely come off. That's cute. My snuggly one. Okay. I have to clear this other part up. My character would never be in a bush with another dude. Also, my character would never cuddle with another dude.


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