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All About ATTITUDE- Only Me OR the Entire World

Updated on April 9, 2015

Are you Thinking of only self OR Feeling for the entire World????

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

— Francis of Assisi

All About Attitude (AAA)

It is well known that the basic tendency of universe is to remain in darkness. The planets, the sky, the fauna and flora, all are in a state of darkness in the absence of any light. However, only few elements lighten up the entire universe, the most important being the Sun. The Sun, the Stars, all brighten up the universe, thus helping to eradicate the darkness that could have harmed the existence of life.

Similarly, in case of humans, minds are full of darkness by default. It feels easier to fall as a prey to negative habits. It is easier to get depressed to find unexpected results. It is easier to capture self in the hands of laziness and do nothing. It is easier to see and ignore the injustice happening to someone. It is easier to study nothing and fail in exams. It is easier to get distracted by varieties of negative elements our society is infected with.

In nutshell, there are only few people who overcome the above illustrated ''easy'' temptations of negativity in life. Very few people don't let the ''absence of light'', i.e. darkness to prevail in their hearts and minds. There have been big personalities who lightened the whole mankind with their discoveries. For example,Thomas Alva Edison illuminated the whole world with the invention of electric light bulbs. Bill Gates inundated the world with personal computer revolution by establishing world's largest PC software company. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is recognized as world's 2013 wealthiest charitable foundation, with assets reportedly valued at more than US$34.6 billion. Albert Einstein surprised everyone with his discoveries in the field of Quantum mechanics, general theory of relativity and E = mc2. Isaac Newton became a key figure in scientific revolution for laws of motion and Universal Gravitation. Steve Jobs influenced the world with his charismatic and design driven APPLE and gifted us a new world of i (s): iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Freedom Fighters who helped us to gain Independence from British Rule are still remembered and praised with patriotic songs all over India. Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity to give wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor.

Thus, these great personalities succeeded in lightening the mankind and they will be remembered forever. They not only managed to remove darkness from their minds and hearts, but also lightened the lives of others. This is the most needed quality required to be present. One needs to eliminate any sort of obscurity that is existing in one's mind and heart. Then one has to struggle to eradicate the darkness from one's surroundings and then from the whole world.

Lighten Up the World
Lighten Up the World

Rashmi Bansal has written books on inspiring stories of entrepreneurs in her books- ''Stay Hungry, Stay foolish'', ''I have a Dream'', ''Arise, Awake'' and ''Connect the dots''. It's really encouraging to read such real life stories of how few people identified the problem and tried to solve the problem by finding possible solutions. One must discuss and generate ideas for solving even small problems faced now a days. This attitude will help to eradicate darkness gradually.

There are many entrepreneurs and social welfare people, who are trying hard to contribute to the world's lightening needs. The darkness of illiteracy, poverty, corruption, terrorism, procrastination, egoism, falsehood, ill-words and so on need to be eradicated. People need to join hands and fight this darkness together with unified strength. This growing darkness needs to be confronted as soon as possible with supreme Energy (analogous with SUN), which can be generated with UNITY of strengths of people, who have already lightened up their minds & hearts.

The aim of Article

The aim of this article is to motivate you not in hours, minutes or seconds, but from NOW. One needs to have fire in the belly to fight with energy and determination for what is right. It is important to realize the purpose of human existence, which is to be in harmony with surroundings for betterment. One must admire the beauty of nature God has endeavored us with and should strive hard to make all positive elements in harmony with each other. Life is impossible without air, green plants, animals, water and soil. One cannot exist in isolation and hence Attitude of 'Me' cannot be justified.

Hence, as the title suggests, it's All About Attitude. One can choose light over darkness with strong determination and positive Attitude of feeling for WE, instead of just ME.

The way to remove darkness

How will you lighten up your mind & heart to remove darkness of negativity?

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© 2015 UNITY


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    • unityofeverything profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for liking the article :)

    • unityofeverything profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from New Delhi

      Thanks for liking the article :)

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice article.

    • profile image

      M S Rawat 

      3 years ago

      Excellent thoughts on very purpose of one's existence by moving a step from darkness to light i.e. to justify existence of one's life. Your aim to help needy make you better human being.


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