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All For One- Chapter Nineteen

Updated on June 20, 2015

19. The Plan

Early the next morning, André met with Athos and Grimaud at the inn. He considered telling his friend about his adventures the night before, but he knew Athos tended to get morose when they discussed women.

Athos looked around and leaned in. “She is in there,” he said. “I heard her.”

“In the guarded room on the second floor?” André asked.

Athos nodded. “We have our proof.” He turned to his servant. “What have you found of the grounds, Grimaud?”

“The wall is not completely secure,” Grimaud explained. “There is a large gap in it near the road. I can show you.” He pulled out a small piece of a paper and started to draw a map of the estate.

“After I found the room with the guards, I went outside and counted the windows,” Athos said. “I know which room it is. I marked the ground with a fleur-de-lis of stones.”

“Even with our friends, there is no way we can fight all those men,” André said shaking his head.

“We may not have to,” Athos said. “If we can plan our route back to Paris, we can leave fresh horses along our way.” He turned to Grimaud. “Are you ready for a journey, Grimaud?”

“Gladly,” the servant said, smiling.

“Take André’s horse,” Athos instructed. “Make haste to Paris. Find Tréville and Bertrand and bring them here. Bring as many horses as you can. Have some waiting at Orléans and at Étampes.”

Grimaud nodded and left immediately. Athos and André spent the rest of the day in the inn. There was no need for Athos to return to his ruse as a poor cook, but he did venture out to find the broken section of the wall. The sun was setting when Tréville and Bertrand entered the inn. The four friends embraced and the two travelers ordered food.

“Are you sure you’re not too tired from your trip?” Athos asked. He sipped his wine looking around. You never knew who was listening.

Bertrand shook his head. “I’m ready for action," he said picking away at a small capon. "Besides, we don't know how long she is going to be here. They may move her tomorrow and then we will be too late."

“Your man is waiting at Étampes with horses,” Tréville said to Athos. “And someone is waiting at Orléans.”

They discussed the plan. They had a problem. How were they going to liberate the Infanta and make their escape? And if they were caught, how were they going to survive? They worked out a plan, and all agreed on the course of action. The only one who was upset was Athos.

“It isn’t fair, she came to me,” he complained. “I should be the one to free the Infanta.”

“Athos, the rest of us have more experience in these matters,” Bertrand explained as delicately as he could.

“Your part, even if you think it is the least glamorous, is the most important part of the plan,” Tréville reasoned.

“Without it, our lives are forfeit,” André added.

Athos huffed, but he nodded. Bertrand handed him a letter. Athos stood up and looked at his friends.

“I wish you all the best,” he said, tucking the letter within his leather jerkin. “I will see you in Paris.” He turned and left.

André turned to his two friends. “Well, you need to go. I’ll leave in one hour.”

Bertrand and Tréville exchanged glances. They rose from the table and also headed out the door, leaving André alone. He bided his time for an hour, then rose from the table as well

Athos continued on the long road back to Paris, upset that his part was the least dangerous of them all. He had to content himself that his actions would save the Infanta. His head was swimming. He knew he had to be sober for the night ahead. He consoled himself by imagining the look of gratitude on Marie de Rohan's face


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