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All For One- Chapter Thirty-one

Updated on August 13, 2015

31. The Plot to Eliminate the King’s Advisors

“Is Rochefort dead?” Richelieu asked. He sat in his small modest office, accompanied as always by Tremblay.

Milady shook her head. “He took a nasty spill as well as a bullet wound to the face and was unable to pursue them,” she said. “It’s almost certain that they made it to Spain. Rochefort reports that at least he wounded their guard. If it had been me,” she said,” I would have killed him in his sleep.”

“There must be a way of finding out what the message is,” Tremblay said.

“That answer is simple,” Richelieu said. “Marie de Rohan does not speak Spanish. Doña Estefania must have been used as a translator. When she returns, she will come to me.”

“First of all, that is hearsay,” Milady said. “You taught me that. If all we have as evidence is her word, then we have no proof at all. Secondly, isn’t that exactly what I suggested we do last week?”

“To address your concerns in order: First of all, once we know what the message is we will know how to proceed,” Richelieu said. “Secondly, I stand by my earlier statement. Even though we did not succeed, we were right to try to avoid involving the Spanish Crown.”


“Tell you what?” Richelieu asked.

“Why you didn’t entrust the assassination of Buckingham to me?”

Richelieu was confused. “The assassination of Buckingham?” he asked. “What are you talking about?”

Milady frowned. “You mean you weren’t behind that?”

“Heavens no,” he said. “Do you have any idea what that would do? The Earl of Buckingham, the King of England’s favorite courtier, assassinated on French soil?”

“It would mean war,” Tremblay said.

“War with England would be disastrous,” agreed Richelieu. “But that’s beside the point. The monarchy is out of control. Louis needs to assert control and wrest power from his mother.”

“Legally, he is the king,” Tremblay agreed. “If he were to assert himself, there would be nothing she could to.”

“What would happen after?” Milady asked. “Once Louis becomes king he’ll no more rule the country than he does now. De Luynes will be in charge,” she pointed out. “Do we really want the Court Falconer creating national policy?”

De Luynes
De Luynes

“He has to go,” Tremblay agreed.

“Even if he was to be eliminated, it wouldn’t make a difference as long as the Concinis have the ear of Marie d’Médicis,” Milady pointed out.

“You suggest killing them as well?” Richelieu asked.

“Whoever did it would win the hearts of all of France,” Tremblay said.

“If we eliminate the Concinis, then Marie d’Médicis will simply fade away,” Richelieu began. “Then if de Luynes is gone, Louis would have to have an advisor to run the country. He can’t run it by himself.”

“And that would be you,” Milady said.

“Along with the two of you,” Richelieu added.

“What about the Queen?” Tremblay asked.

“I don’t think she has any influence over him,” Richelieu said. “They barely speak.”

“But she is his wife,” Milady said. “If not now, eventually, she will have some influence.”

“And Marie de Rohan has influence over her now,” Tremblay pointed out. “There’s no reason to assume that she will not have influence over the Queen in the future.”

“Eliminate her, too?” Milady asked.

“No,” Richelieu said. “So far the House of Rohan has been quiet for a number of years. Kill their precious daughter, and we risk awakening the sleeping giant. She lives for now. Her penchant for getting into trouble will be her own undoing.”

“So how to we eliminate Concini and de Luynes?” Milady asked.

“Wait,” Richelieu said. “Wait until the opportunity presents itself.”

“I am tired of waiting,” Milady said.

“You need to have a little patience, Mme de Montpellier, “if we act rashly, we will be lost.”


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