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All Majesty to Christ our King (Poem)

Updated on January 10, 2014


Worship His majesty,

All majesty to Jesus the risen King,

Oh, Majesty,

I lift my voice and sing,

I will proclaim His majesty,

I bow my knees to His majesty

I lift my hands to His majesty,

My heart will sing of His majesty.


Worship His majesty

He is adorned in all majesty,

All majesty, He is clothed in royalty

Acclaim the Lord’s majesty,

Lift every voice sing of His majesty

Sing aloud of His majesty,

Sing praises to Christ the King,

For His majesty.


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    • mabelhenry profile image

      mabelhenry 4 years ago from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania

      Good morning to you all and thank you for dropping in and commenting. Jesus is our majestic King and we are in His Kingdom where He is loved and adored and He loves us. All majesty to Jesus our risen King. Have a great week.

    • LadyFiddler profile image

      Joanna Chandler 4 years ago from On planet Earth

      The Lord he is mines, the only sovereign majestic holy one and is worthy of all our praises.

    • lcbenefield profile image

      lcbenefield 4 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks so much for sharing this. It is a brilliant start to my morning. Sharing.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 4 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Alleluja. Amen. Nice work.

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Beautiful and gracious honor to he Lord Almighty



      I have not been on in a bit hopefully be back on more fully soon.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States

      Well Said and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. whonu