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All of us need a little change sometimes

Updated on November 8, 2016

May we all be so lucky to fall

May we all be so lucky to fall

Sitting on top of the world looks good from down here

With no worries and no cares

The world looks like a better place

No struggling, no visible pain, no need upon your face

No family outside of work, nowhere to go

Days and nights all the same

Nothing to look forward too

No need to call out our Lords name

A concrete place with security in material things

A heart that is empty but a bank account that is full

A need for nothing and a false strength that you will never fall

An empty house and a heart so cold

You once had it all but you were afraid to fall

When they walked out the door you held your head tall

The excuses that you made, and your family you would trade

For the power, you could not let go, and the Lord you would not know

Sitting high in your palace in a place you felt secure

Now your pain is hidden from the world's view of your wealth

If only you should be so lucky to fall

You would be able to see

From down here looking up there I say Amen

May we all be so lucky to fall

May we all be so lucky to stumble and see

May we all be so lucky to have our family

May we all be so lucky to fight for what we believe

May we all be so lucky to listen to our heart

May we all be so lucky to do what is hard

May we all be so lucky to let go once in awhile

May we all be so lucky to choose the tough road

May we all be so lucky to follow the light and fight the fight

From up there you are blind

From down here I can see

From up there you are alone

From down here I am loved

From up there you are a prisoner in your palace

The choice is mine

The choice is mine

I choose to live with the Lord by my side

I choose to live and not die

I choose to feel the pain bestowed upon me

I choose to be free

Free from addiction

Free from fear

Free from regrets

Free from the afflictions of this world

This world will not destroy me

This world will not control me

This world will not break me

This world will not take me

Take me from my pain oh Lord

Take me from my troubles

Take me from my sins

Take me to our home

Our home in the Heavens will someday come

Our home with our father is an everlasting one

Our home here on earth will be no more

Our home is near an everlasting home with no fear

Fear will destroy any chance of hope

Fear is unnecessary when you believe in our Lord

Fear is the breaks on our life to succeed

Fear be gone from my heart so I can lead

I choose to be happy even when the days are dark

I choose to believe even when the light is gone

I choose to be strong even when the lord has to carry me

I choose to be me even when the world says I am wrong

I choose to beat the odds even when the odds are stacked against me

I choose to live even when living is so hard

I choose to be proud even when I have been so wronged

I choose to fight even when the fight is all gone

I choose you, Lord, even when the devil is knocking so hard

I choose you, Lord, even when the devil is knocking so hard

The pain is worth the reward

The pain is worth the reward

An addict I once was, an addict I am no more

It was never meant to be easy this battle I fight

I fell for the easy road once and now I feel the sting in my heart and head

I owe it to those I love and to myself to feel the pain I have been given

I welcome the pain to create the change in my soul , my body, and mind

Please no sympathy just understanding love

Please no excuses just hold on tight

Please no easy way out just support my fight

Please do not stand in my way just pick me up and let me carry on

Let me stand tall and tell the world I can and will be all right

Let me cry, fuss and fight

Let me leave the darkness behind and move toward the light

Let me shine

This battle is all mine with the Lord by my side

This battle is hard and worth the time

This battle was created with weakness in my mind

This battle was never meant to be easy

This is my recovery from the pain before and after

This is my Love for you that lives deep within

I have beaten the odds for I am still alive

I will conquer the challenges for I still love

I will continue on this path the Lord has to lead me down

I will stumble and I will fall but I will not stay broken for your name I will call

Dear Lord take me by the hand

Dear Lord lead me to the promised land

Dear Lord the drugs I do not need

Dear Lord, you have shown me the way

Dear Lord, it is you who I follow

Dear Lord without you I am hollow

Dear Lord my heart you will heal

Dear Lord your love you will instill

Dear Lord, I hear you today

Dear Lord the pain I am willing to pay

Dear Lord with your help I will see you someday


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 14 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Very inspirational poetry, Renata. Well done.