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Allie, A Girl Personified.

Updated on March 5, 2010

Allie, A Girl Personified.

Oh, I won't deny

your lovely dark eyes,
that would move any man

to heroic measures,
just to have ten seconds

of a glimpse into them,
and your perfect lips,

cushions of pink flesh,
molded into delectable

shapes made for kissing.

Nor your long dark

sienna tresses hanging straight
that accentuate your intriguing face.
You are a true enchantress,

who will not wait for your prince to come,

they will be lining up at your door

each politely taking a number.

I dated a girl for a while

who was so unbelievably beautiful,
I was truly shocked

when she asked "me" out,
and so I asked her,

"Why would you want

to go out with me??"
and she replied,, "I am so lonely."
"No one ever asks me

to go out because
they think I am beyond

their list of possibilities,
maybe they are afraid I will say no."
"But you always treated me like a friend
from the moment we met,
you saw beyond who I am to others,
you stimulated the inner me,
and that is all I have ever sought."

You see, there is so much

more that has blossomed
in the eighteen years of your making.

You hold a poetic soul which is

a rare flower budding deep
in the crevices of your mind.

So many look at you and see

only the physical offerings,
they never delve deep

enough to see the pain.
that all poets carry

in a flesh journal,
that sometimes

binds the intestines

with its rings of truth,
wounds the heart

with its lonely cries,
darkens the eyes with its sorrows,
yet can make the feet

dance lively with its joys.

Poets tend to bleed for the dying,

the hungry, and the sad,
and they see life's beauty

in a magnifying glass,
so much larger then the others,
who take it all for granted.

You hold the world in your pen,
you grace the world with

your charm and beauty,
there is nothing you can't do,
but use your assets to create change.

Use your mask of beauty

to bless the less fortunate,
be kind to those that others mock,
show your peers

that we are all worthy
of the same adoration

that you have known.

Write words that will shock

those who merely assume

the typical judgements around you,
Who think of you

as just another Barbie.

Show them astounding

and tintillating thoughts,
make them see your

beautiful mind as well,
for flesh is temporal

and we fade into
wrinkled vessels of

what was far to soon.

Yet the wisdom and

the heartfelt words

captured and shared

with others is timeless.
perchance some slip

of notebook tattered,
holding the musings

of your true feelings
will be found two

hundred years from now,
and move future beings

to tears or great thought.

Your beauty will not

matter to them then,
you will be dust long

entombed in the earth,
but your words will

still breathe wonder.

This is why we write,

to be immortal,
with ink for blood,

and pens for fingers,
we scratch out the

moments and make them
larger then the fragile

shell that encloses us.


Be the tool that re-sculpts

the masses around you,

into a congregation

of the most profound.





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    • MFB III profile image

      MFB III 8 years ago from United States

      Tis my poem, and I'm glad it moved you to comment...and i am honored as well that you stopped by.~~MFB III

    • Debarshi Dutta profile image

      Debarshi Dutta 8 years ago from Calcutta

      If this is your poem I am really honored to have read you...

      Best Wishes