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Aloha (A Hello to Goodbye Sonnet) by Rita

Updated on June 28, 2016

Brimmed in the kindle of time’s ghostly friend,
he walks with a pass so careful and slow.
As the night’s distasteful song takes his hand,
the passionate rhymes of his love outgrow.
The wind sounds soft through the sighing of tress,
when she left his home where the smoke blows dark.
Repentance oozes from his blended knees,
still her eyes are bordered with tiny sparks.
His phantom weeping on a nightmare scream,
her soul however, tires from his love.
The only witness is the moon’s bright beam
their hearts are faint like a broken-winged dove.
She lives without a life for far too long,
and now she respites on death’s lonely song.


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