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Alpha ~ Omega ~ Alpha

Updated on July 12, 2015

The lord split the clouds and gazed upon his universe beneath

Fury rose amidst the heavens as his sword extracted from his sheath

A hush spilled over all the land

His words were hard to understand

Yet, intent of tornadoes and of thunder, sent shivers through the beasts down under

What could not be cleansed by floods of rain was trampled on by wild boar

All unpardonable was to be destroyed by this holy war

What is not his church or children's shelter;

overcome with heat will blist and swelter

Exorcism of the earth, it was time to disinfect

Lust for power, thirst for gold were mass he would deject

Reverse the land a thousand years,

yet preserve mans wisdom 'tween his ears

Burn jealousy, hatred and fear. Dry up inner pains

Drop curtains on the eyes of evil, break the wicked chains

Somewhat tranquil. somewhat eerie; unblemished atmosphere exists

A world of brotherhood and generic love; a land of unclenched fists

The bird of Paradise this stage takes flight. You see blossoms on the trees

Crops instantly harvest, fruits appear, fish restock the seas

Is this a blessing or a curse wonder we, as we watch our first chick hatch

That once we had our dress rehearsal, he set us back to scratch.


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