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Alphabets`Formation of Success

Updated on March 13, 2011

A-Z Formation of Success

Affirm:Affirm that you can make it.

Believe:Believe in yourself and in your dream.

Commit:Commit yourself to a dream.Defeat the fear of trying.

Dare:Dare to try.Dare to risk.Dare to make a commitment.

Educate:Educate yourself.Don't be tempted,as many are,to take shortcuts,to avoid the hard years of serious study.

Find:Find the talents gifts,times,possibilities,money,skills,potential,and the way.Discover yourself.You have great possibilities hidden deep within you.

Give:Give extra effort.A giving attitude is the secret of success living.

Hope:Hope is holding on or hanging on.Don't shift focus.

Imagine:In the actual sense,possibilities thinking is the exercise of dynamic,creative, and strong-willed imagination.

Junk:Junk the junk food of your mind.Throw away the load of junk food you feed into your mind and emotions.What's emotional junk food?It is self pity,worries and anxiety. It's fear.Negative thoughts that stem from racial prejudices are also junk foods of mind.People may have tried to put you down because of your colour or national heritage,but you don't have to let them defeat you.

Knock:Knock out depression, knock out discouragement,knock out all kind of forecasts of gloom and doom.

Laugh:Laugh at yourself and at life's difficulties.You must keep a sense of humor.If you keep your sense of humor and laugh,then you'll be able to to love.

Make it Happen:When you manage and maintain,you can make it happen.Another label for dynamic mental management is possibility thinking.

Negotiate:You have to learn to negotiate,to compromise.You can't have your way all the time.Scale down,if necessary.Don't be embarrassed.It's better to change plans while the ship is in port than to save face,only to sink in middle of the ocean.

Overlook and Overcome:You can't succeed without a team.When you overlook you'll overcome.

Persevere:Persevere to the last stage of success achievement.Don't give up.

Quit:Quit complaining because life isn't nice as you ant it.Look at what you have left,never at what you've lost.Quit bringing to memory all of those negative, haunting things.

Reorganize:Re-arrange your plans.Know exactly what you are doing.Ask yourself;who am i?Where have i come from?How did i get here?Where do i want to go?How can i get there?Time changes.You have to change your whole plans or corporate structure.

Share:Share your feeling and gratitude.Appreciate those who helped you make it happen.

Trade off:Try to decide.Decide what you will give up in order to keep what you've got.

Unlock:Unlock some human values.

Visualize:Visualize or see the dream before you.Don't ever lose the vision.For if you lose the vision,then you are dead.Set the new goals.Believe you can reach those goals.Believe in yourself.Success comes from visualizing or seeing yourself the way you want to be.

Work:Work hard.There is no substitute for work.The people at the top of the ladder work harder than anyone else.Success is spelled W-O-R-K.

X-Ray:Scan the contents of your ideal and be sure it's real.

Yield: Yield or commit yourself to your dreams.

Zip it Up:Be the protector of yourself.It's what you permit that stays with you.

Make the right choice.


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    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 7 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Thanks Folorunsho80

      Cool alphabet affirmations. Gary Busey uses these alot. :)

    • La Papillon profile image

      La Papillon 7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Spot on ;)

      Cheers, Louise :)