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Am Cridhe

Updated on January 10, 2012
"Am Cridhe"
"Am Cridhe"

When I find myself snared by your eyes, am cridhe,

In those scant few moments when the heart leaps

And rises desperate to fill my throat,

Urges lips to reach and part, to hope, to strain,

When souls seem to touch just for the barest instant,

Connection electric through the medium of aquamarine light

All else suddenly seems to fall away around us, around your eyes,

And all creation seems to stop, breath seems to catch,

And I lose myself in those brilliant soul-mirrors,

In those eyes like twin windows to a peerless sea,

Rich with the swirl of artists' magic cast in sweet cerulean,

As deep as the cornflower hues of innocence,

And as innocent as the fierce and mighty heartbeat

Of the queen among a thousand dauntless cougars,

Her soul as strong as any kitten is playful.


Watching you move and stretch,

The every flex and twist of your being,

The air of strength, the aura of command,

The way your very sense of awareness,

Your joy in the endless nuances of life

Seem to take on tangible life of their own,

One could almost expect to see grand wings

Of prism-shed light and sleek rainbow feathers

To burst valiant and brave from the fabric at your back,

Perhaps offering a single, divinely regal flap,

The considerate salute of a master among valkyries

Before settling back into place again, folding to elegant rest,

As if they had always been there

As if I had only failed to see.


For no warrior or master of cause could stand as you do,

Not William Wallace when he crushed the English at Stirling,

Nor Leonidas in his bravest moment at Thermopylae

And yet I would cross a thousand deserts just to see you,

Sail across a thousand oceans,

Breech the walls of a thousand fortresses

And depose a thousand kings from rightful thrones

Just to look upon and yearn for your seraphim eyes again,

Just to see you and even if only then to be torn from you again,

For to earn even your smile, am cridhe, is a thing far more glorious

Than any victory, any earthly thing or notion

That countless men could have ever given their lives for,

So glorious that the very sun and even the moon

Might be jealous of it's shine, for neither celestial light

Could ever hope to be more radiant or luminous,

Nor to brighten my day or my eve when I look upon them

As the very earth seems to brighten

When I look upon you.


So whether we may one day meet as battered equals

On the fertile proving grounds of love,

Twin warriors of spirit, fiery lovers

Clasping bloodied gloves under the ivory flux

Of an Asgardian sky,

Or merely stay locked as we are,

Steadfast friends,

Walking side by side on similar paths

For a time or for an age,

You will always be am cridhe,

The brightest star to burn

Within my breast.


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    • profile image

      LITTLEH 9 years ago


      you TRULY speak this way, a dialogue would be answererd

    • Earl S. Wynn profile image

      Earl S. Wynn 9 years ago from California

      Thanks Zsuzsy!

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 9 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Earl! My 'Heart-felt' congrats on a great hub.

      regards Zsuzsy