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Am I Homeless?

Updated on September 6, 2012


What is a destiny if all the roads are destroyed

When dreams are dreamed, is the brain fried?

If a soul is enriched by another even in lost cause

Is it to hallucinate a balloon of smiles to burst in chaos

If the tired feet was comforted by healing glides

Were they mere lull before being bitten in rough rides

I wander the quivering lanes that blink some light

But all I can find are the blinks & endless night

Was the sun meant to rise and set to balance being

Or to refract distant colors in mirage searing

All elements stirring music and magic to please

Eventually create a float so high one drops to abyss

If these were all cases to be studied as learnings

Would they provide a recipe of blissful happenings?

I hope so but guess not the truth I have lived

The lies we all express hoping to be relieved

I wish no more for a heaven, but a home nevertheless

If 'home is where heart is' then I am homeless


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