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Amber Part II

Updated on March 30, 2014


Amber held D’s hands up, on both sides of her head. Her wings expanded blocking Ash’s view.

“I’m sorry that I don’t sound proud of you. You knew one day you would come into them.” She commented

“Never wanted them! Don’t need them, friends like me for me! I don’t have to use them for respect!” Amber shouted

“Amber let her go…” Ash began slowly

Amber’s grip tightened, but then she released her mother. Her wings folded as she growled, slowly backing away to stand next to Ash.

D rubbed her wrists as she conjured her white robe. She sat down on her bed, clutching a gold pillow.

“Elder tiger helped me remember… then men stare and gifts show up…” Amber paused

“They’re only admirers, nothing to get upset about. You helped Max and Alex get back together. And that was just a fraction of what you could do.” D continued

Amber went to say something; Ash took her hand into his. She calmed down and D relaxed.

“Bind her powers.” Ash commanded

“But Ash…” D whined

“Can’t you see how angry and miserable she’s becoming. If you don’t bind these powers, trust me, you’ll hear all about it.” He continued

At first she didn’t flinch, but he saw her right eye began to twitch. Amber giggled, while her mother conjured a small vile with a pink liquid inside. It appeared in Amber’s hand.

“Drink it and your powers will be bound. It won’t affect your demonic powers.” She began

Slowly she raised the vile to her lips. It tasted like cherries as she began drinking. Once she finished, she crushed the vile with her hand.

“You had so much potential…” D muttered

“That’s the difference between us, I gain respect…you take it.” Amber shot back; “I’m leaving…”

She opened the balcony doors and flew off as the sun rose into the clear blue sky of the Otherworld. Ash looked at D while she brought her knees to her chest.

“Don’t start…” She sighed

“I wasn’t going to say a word.” He replied

He sat down beside her, wrapping his arm around her.

“Yeah right; I never raised a hand to her. She never wanted to follow in my footsteps, live here and rule with limitless powers. She’s been a rebel since the day she learned to flash.”

“She learned there’s more than scaring people into respecting someone. She uses her powers for good.”

“You’ve raised her well…”

“Wait; was that a compliment or an insult?”

She shot him an “I’ll kill you” stare and he laughed.

“I won’t tell anyone.” He whispered

Outside her bedroom, Vanessa overheard everything. How could Amber pass on a huge opportunity? She was the next heir to D’s throne and now she threw it all away, but for what? She had to find out, as her blood began to boil.

Amber appeared on the driveway, she was happy to see a clear path to the front door. All the gifts were gone.

“So you bound your powers of love?” Vanessa asked

She turned to see her mother’s servant sitting on the stone wall that surrounded the house.

“Jealous?” Amber asked

Vanessa didn’t answers, but her red cheeks said different.

“How could you give all that up?”

“Spend time in this world, maybe you’ll see why.”

She walked into the house and upstairs to her room. Her eyes widened to see Vanessa sitting on her bed.

“Go away…” Amber growled

“Fine… like she said you had so much potential. You did help Max and Alex get back together. Don’t get me wrong, she loved Andrew, but Alex is her true love. When you said she’d be okay, you set it all into motion.”

“She was hurt; now she’s happy… go away.”

“Think of what you could do.”

Amber conjured a knife and threw it just missing Vanessa. It stuck right into the back post of her bed.

“Ooops… now go away.”

Vanessa disappeared and Amber pulled the knife out from the post. She opened her closet and changed into a black pleaded skirt, black t-shirt, with a matching zip-up hoodie over it.

She sat down on her bed and slipped off her heels and laced up her boots. Her fingers slipped through a pair of dark red fingerless gloves.

“Much better…” She thought to herself.

She grabbed her purse and flashed into town. The sidewalks weren’t crowded as she appeared by the fountain. It felt good to be outside and free of her mother’s powers.

“Amber!” A voice called

She saw Charlotte walking up to her. Her long black coat was buttoned to waist showing a pair of blue jeans and heels.


She sat beside Amber, who hugged her tightly.

“Hey what’s up?” She asked

“So happy!”

“Good; did the date with Trent go well?”

“It did…”

“Excellent. Anyway I need to keep going, call me if need anything.”


Charlotte flashed and Amber got up and walked into town. She stopped sensing someone or something was close by.

“Hey beautiful…” A familiar voice whispered

She blushed as she looked down to see a pair of hands wrapping around her waist. He pulled her close to him, she smelled his cologne.

“I missed you.” He whispered

“I can tell…” She replied

He spun her around and she hugged him tightly, he was surprised as she held him close.

“You want to grab a cup of coffee?” He asked


“Can I have hot chocolate? Don’t like coffee.” She replied with a smile

“C’mon beautiful…” He laughed

They walked hand in hand into the coffee shop. After getting their hot drinks, she walked him back to the mechanic he worked at.

“I’ll call you later.” He began

“Okay…bye…” She smiled

She hugged him and kissed his lips gently. He walked into the garage, she continued to walk and found herself by the house, the ‘Makers’ once occupied. The memories made her shiver, and then she sensed someone watching her. She looked around, but saw nothing.

“Weird…” She thought to herself

Her cell phone rang, interrupting her concentration. She took it out of her hoodie pocket and picked up.

“Amber, its Max how are you?” Max began

“White tigress! I’m good… you?” Amber replied

“Great; I spoke to Ash already and wanted to invite you to a fundraiser for the safe house. We’re hosting it at the Manor. It’s this Saturday at seven.”

“Sounds fun; Can I bring friend?”

“A friend?”

“His name is Trent. He’s sweet and has met Vamp lady, telepath, Kitten and Pixy.”

“If he’s met the girls, I can’t wait to meet him.”

“Good; see you Saturday.”

She hung up and the realized she’d have to get dressed up. To add to her ‘To Do List’, would Trent go with her? What would it be like? How should she act?

After taking a deep breath, she flashed to the lounge. Killian was talking with Vicky, who was signing the delivery paperwork. She walked over, just as Vicky handed Killian his clipboard.

“Hello!” She began

“Hey Amber what’s up?” Vicky asked

“I got invited to white tigress’s fundraiser.” She replied

“That’s cool; are you going to ask Trent to join you?”

“Yeah; need help, don’t know what to wear.” Amber replied

“And on that note, I’ll leave you two ladies to talk.” Killian laughed

Amber followed Vicky inside and she sat at the first section of couches. Vicky conjured ‘Lucky’, ‘Vogue’, and ‘Allure’ magazines. She opened ‘Lucky’ and began flipping through the pages.

Back in town Vanessa appeared in the park. She was dressed in a pair of heeled boots, jeans, and long sleeved pink t-shirt; with white knit hat and gloves. She appeared sitting on the roof of the lounge. Her finger tapped the concrete allowing her to see inside. A smile formed on her face as she watched Amber and her friend look at dresses in magazines. It would be perfect.

“You don’t have to be someone else. Just be yourself, polite, sweet, and funny.” Vicky commented

“Ok… hate to be someone I’m not.” Amber replied

Vicky laughed as Dannie walked in and sat down next to Amber.

“Watcha looking at?” She asked

“Ideas for White Tigress’s fundraiser…” Amber replied

“Cool. Is everything ready to go?”

“Yeah; Marcus and Victor are prepping, drinks are cold and the glasses are washed and dried; ready to go.” Vicky smiled

“Good. Since we have the night off tomorrow, how about we go shopping for the fundraiser.” Dannie suggested

“I’m in!” Amber cheered

In the Otherworld, Ash walked along the beach, the moon rose higher into the sky. It was still a shock to him that D is someone’s mother… Amber’s. He began to understand why she never wanted to talk about her life here, not that it was torture, she definitely hated how her mother ruled and treated others.

Amber learned to use her powers for good verses personal gain. He was secretly pleased with himself that he taught and raised her, but he would never tell D that to her face. She would get so angry and banish him from visiting, which would be music to Amber’s ears. He knew that she hated when he would go away for a week.

Ash…we need to talk…” D’s voice echoed in his head

He flashed appearing on the balcony. D was sitting on the railing, back leaning against the wall.

“What’s wrong?” He asked

“I’m concerned about Vanessa.” She began; “She’s been acting so strange lately and I believe she overheard Amber when she came here.”


“Yes; Vanessa has been with me for centuries. She’s watched my failures with Amber and was always willing to learn about my powers. When you leave, keep an eye out, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to harm Amber for giving up such an opportunity.”

“Alright; if she is plotting something, what should I do?”

“Bring her back here, alive.”

“I understand. So it seems I’ll have to cut our visit short, my lady.”

“Go before I change my mind Ash…”

He laughed, conjured his leather jacket and backpack. She waved as he disappeared. Back in town, Amber, Vicky, and Dannie arrived at the dress shop, owned by Charlotte. The white walls had dresses of all styles and colors hanging creatively, while racks lined up in the center of the store. Towards the back was a tri-mirror and dressing rooms. The girls walked in, and a bell rang alerting the staff some customers had arrived.

Charlotte came out of the back, dressed in a pair of heels, jeans, and long sleeved dark blue shirt.

“Welcome ladies; let me guess you’re going to Max’s fundraiser?” She began

“Yeah we are.” Dannie replied

“The Jades already ordered their dresses, which by the way Vicky they have arrived. Jade Jacobs already picked up hers. I know you’ll take Jade H’s. Plus I already fitted Max and the twins; they’ve grown up so fast. So take a look around and the dressing rooms are unlocked.” Charlotte began

Amber wondered up and down the aisles, but nothing caught her eye. Charlotte appeared beside her, taking her by the hand towards the back wall.

“This just arrived today and I immediately thought of you when I saw it.” She began

She walked to the middle of a long rack and pulled out a black strapless dress. Sheer material hung off where the skirt stopped at the knees. Amber’s eyes lit up, while Charlotte held it up against her.

“Go try it on.”

Vicky and Dannie came back with a large pile of dresses and went into the dressing room. Amber came out and Charlotte gasped.

“You like it?” Amber asked

“You look beautiful. I have a matching shawl that you can wear. I know it’s going to be cold.” Charlotte replied

“Good. I’ll take it.”

“Can we see it?” Dannie and Vicky asked together

“Not until white tigress’s party.” Amber replied

Charlotte put the dress in a black garment back and went to help Dannie pick out a pair of shoes. Vanessa appeared and opened the bag; she conjured a perfume bottle and sprayed the dress. She smiled, watching the blue mist seep into the dress. She disappeared as the girls made their way up to the register.

“Thanks for everything Charlotte.” Vicky began

“No problem girls. It was my pleasure.” Charlotte replied

As they left Charlotte, Amber caught the scent of something sweet, and brushed it off. Then she stopped, sensing someone coming. She looked up to see a crow circling above them.

“Hey Pixy, isn’t that your shifter?” She asked

“It is…” Vicky replied

Aaron landed and shifted back into his human form. He took Vicky by the hand leading her away from her friends. They were talking, Amber and Dannie exchanged looks of curiosity.

“Wonder what they’re talking about…” Dannie commented

“Yeah… can’t tell if… good or bad.”

Then they saw Vicky leap into Aaron’s arms, he spun her around. He then put her down and dipped her back into a ‘Hollywood’ kiss.

“So… what’s going on?” Dannie asked

Both turned to their friends.

“I got a promotion at work and asked Vicky to move in with me. We’re moving into a larger apartment in her complex.” He began

“Congratulations!” Amber and Dannie said together

“Thanks!” Aaron replied

The others got lost in conversation, as a chill ran up Amber’s spine. She looked around, picking up the sweet scent she smelled earlier.


“So she hired a siren to lure men out. And Ryan, Trent, and Aaron fell under the spell. But you stopped her, but she left with Trent and the other men?” Jade H asked

Amber nodded “She worships mother, like everyone else in Otherworld.” She shivered at the thought

“Amber’s mother wants her back alive. We also have to set Trent and the other men free.” Ash continued

“And how are we going to do that?” Vicky asked

“We find where she stays. She leaves scent of vanilla and cherries behind.” Amber replied

“What about that siren?” Jade asked

“She won’t need her. She has her army… unless siren offers something.” Amber sighed

“I have a feeling…” Jade H paused

“She will attack soon.” Jade finished her sister’s sentence

“She is powerful and has learned a lot from D. Stay alert… all of you.” Ash continued

Amber excused herself and flashed sitting on the stone wall. She stared up at the crescent moon, wondering if Trent was okay.

“You okay sweetness?” Drake asked

“Will be… once we stop Vanessa…”

“I know; we’ll get him back.”

He climbed up beside her, she leaned her head upon his shoulder,

“I miss him…”

“I know…”

Vanessa entered the main hall of her palace. The beige walls glowed in the torch light; Trent kneeled beside her throne covered with black and white pillows. She wore a strapless pink knee length dress and silver sandals.

“Lovely evening isn’t it Trent?” she asked

He nodded as she sat upon her throne. Alexis appeared standing on Vanessa’s left side.

“It is Mistress.” She smiled

“The little demon won’t know what hit her.” Vanessa continued

“Does the goddess have a clue?”

“I doubt it. Besides if she did Hades would drag me to the underworld. He’d do anything to please the goddess. It makes me glad these men do what I want. Trent, make me an ice sculpture of myself… now.”

Trent rose and walked to the center of the room. He conjured a block of ice, along with a table of sculpting tools. Within minutes, Vanessa’s eyes widened with amazement to see what he created.

“Beautiful… now go rest; we have a battle to prepare for.” Vanessa grinned

The next morning to hear the doorbell ring, she got out of bed and put on her black robe. She walked downstairs and opened the front door. Her eyes widened a sea of black and brown stuffed animals lined the porch.

“What now?” She groaned

“I’ll call Ryan. He’ll put a shield around the house, so no more deliveries can be made.” Ash replied appearing beside her

His cell phone rang and he picked up, Amber conjured a fireball, but Ash flashed them into a large box marked ‘Donations’. She shut the door behind them as Ash walked into the kitchen.

“Powers are bound… why this happening?” Amber asked

“I’m not sure, but Ryan’s shield will protect the house.” Ash replied

“Vanessa… going to pay…”

“Where are you going?”

She went upstairs and he heard her door slam. The doorbell rang and Ash went to go answer it. He opened the door to see Drake and welcome him inside.

“What brings you here so early?” Ash asked

“I… need to talk to you and your little night terror.” Drake replied

“Seems you appear whenever she’s upset or something is wrong.”

Drake ignored Ash’s prodding as Amber came downstairs, wearing a pair of black combat boots, red and black plaid pants, and long sleeved black thermal shirt.

“Wolf?” Amber asked

“We need to tell him.” Drake began

“What do you need to tell me?” Ash asked

Amber began shaking her head ‘No’. She was unsure what Ash would do to Drake. Ash looked at both of them waiting to for an explanation. Then without anyone saying anything, the answer hit him like a ton of bricks.

“You imprinted with Amber!” He shouted; “What the hell were you thinking Drake?”

Amber stepped in between Ash and Drake, glaring at Ash.

“Calm down…” Amber began

“How? When?”


She was sixteen in mortal years and was sitting outside on the patio. The sun was half way below the horizon, its red orange light lit up the gray stone square which stopped at the double French styled doors. She sat in a black mesh sling back chair, wearing black leggings and long gray sweatshirt.

Drake appeared walking out from the woods behind the house. Amber looked up sensing someone was close by.

“I know you’re out there wolf.” Amber commented

“Is Ash home?” He asked

He walked up to her, wearing a wool lined coat, jeans, and combat boots.

“Nope. He and Charlotte dealing with some bad panthers.” She replied

“Oh. Do you mind if I wait with you?”


She conjured a chair and he sat across from her. He sensed her happiness and sadness; it seemed weird that she was feeling this all at the same time.

“Nice night…” He began

“Yeah; I feel safe here…”

“Safe? Who would want to hurt you?”

Her eyes widened and she growled he quickly got to his feet.

“Don’t want … to talk… about it…” She whispered

He sat down seeing she was calming herself down.

“Don’t worry sweetness; no one is going to hurt you anymore.” He continued


Her eyes met his as tears ran down her cheeks. He got up; she followed as he took her into his arms.

“I promise… none of us will let anything happen to you.” He whispered

She squeezed him tightly, slowly she stepped back feeling something pulling her towards him.

“What… happened…?” She asked

“It’s a wolf thing.” He replied with a sigh

“What it mean?”

“I’ll protect you and will always be around; if you need anything.”



“I guess I cannot be that mad at you. I haven’t been around that much, though I trusted you, Amber, to protect yourself if you needed to. And I know you cannot control who you imprint with Drake, but know that if anything happens to her.” Ash paused

“I know… I know… I’ll be ripped to shreds.” Drake replied

Amber sighed in relief, but jumped when Ryan appeared beside her.

“Don’t do that again wizard…”

“I’m sorry, got here as quick as I could. So what’s the problem?” He asked

“Either someone is playing a real sick joke on Amber or some of her admirers are still sending her gifts. We need a shield on the house, but not stopping friends from visiting.” Ash replied

“Not a problem.” He smiled

Ash followed him into the kitchen. Drake took Amber into his arms, squeezing her tightly.

“You got scared for nothing sweetness.” He whispered

“I know… Ash very protective of me… thought he would kill you.” She replied

“Well I live to see another day. Anyway I’d better go, have to track down Trent and Vanessa.”

He flashed and she went into the kitchen. Ryan was sitting on the floor chanting a spell; she looked outside to see a blue shield surrounding the house.


“Ash you and Amber are fully protected. If any of Amber’s admirers try to deliver gifts, they won’t be able to pass through.” Ryan began as he slowly stood up.

He snapped his fingers and changed into a pair of black shoes, brown pants, and white shirt.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m due in court for a bitter divorce.” He waved and disappeared

“He works fast.” Amber commented

“He does; you should see him in the courtroom. He is fierce when he needs to be. So what are you going to do today?”

“Find Vanessa…”

“Be careful and know all of us are a call away.”

“I know.”

She flashed and appeared in town. She looked down and saw she was still in her robe and pajamas. Quickly she stepped into an alley behind a large dumpster. She snapped her fingers, changing into a long sleeved black corset dress and her lace up boots.

Slowly she stepped out looking up and the down the streets. Everything appeared normal, but then she saw the siren talking on her cell phone. She flashed and appeared on the roof of an antique shop.

“Someone put on a spell on the house. I can’t conjure any gifts. So what’s your next move?” She asked

Amber smiled; she was relieved that she wasn’t going crazy. The siren was sending gifts from her “admirers”

“Do you think you’re ready? She has some powerful friends and most of them will be there tomorrow night.” She continued; “Alright, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

If she heard correctly, they were planning on crashing, Max and Alex’s fundraiser. She had to warn the others. She flashed and appeared outside the lounge, she walked in seeing Vicky and Jade Jacobs behind the bar.

“Pixy, telepath… we need to talk… now…” She began

“What’s up?” Jade asked

“Vanessa and siren… going to attack white tigress’s party…” She replied

“What? Where did you hear that?” Vicky asked

“In town…eased dropped on siren’s conversation… she sent me gifts…” Amber continued

“Wow; at least your powers are bound and they were just messing with you.” Jade commented

“We have to warn Max and Alex.” Vicky interrupted

“Agreed, but we also need a strategy.” Jade added

“You’re going to need some help stopping Vanessa.” A male voice chimed in

The three girls looked around, time had stopped and all their patrons were frozen in place.

“Who said that?” Vicky asked

“Hades?” Amber called

A man appeared rising up through the floor. His pale skin, complimented his long black hair and icy blue eyes. He wore a black leather vest, matching jeans and cowboy boots; he stood at least 6”0 tall.

“Hi Hades!” Amber cheered

She leaped into his arms and squeezed him tightly. He smiled and put her down. Vicky and Jade exchanged confused looks.

“Pixy, Telepath, this is Hades God of Underworld.” Amber began

“Ladies it is an honor.” Hades smiled and bowed his head

“What brings you here?” Vicky asked

“My wife told me about Vanessa. She asked me to assist you in taking her down; alive… such a bummer though.”

“Big bummer…” Amber muttered

“At least I’m not alone.”

Amber giggled, but stopped and sat down at the bar. Hades conjured a sliver bracelet and handed it to Amber.

“What’s this?” She asked

“Once Vanessa is weak enough, put this on her wrist. It will bring her right to me; your mother wants her tortured for the harm she has caused you. If you have any trouble, call me and I’ll be more than happy to drag her to my kingdom myself. Though I trust you and your friends are very capable to take this false goddess down.”

“False goddess?” Jade asked

“Vanessa is a demon that absorbs other supernatural beings powers. Sometimes it is for a brief time, but if she kills and drinks her victim’s blood she gains a new power. I must leave you my little rebel, be careful and good luck.”

He sunk through the floor and time suddenly resumed as if nothing had happened. Amber put the bracelet into her bag.

“So he’s your father?” Vicky asked

“Nope… mother had many lovers… Hades was father figure…looked after me.” Amber replied; “Ash is my father… raised me to be good…”

“We know.” Jade chimed in

Vicky nodded in agreement as Drake appeared behind Amber. She turned to face him and smiled.

“Wolf…” Amber paused

“I couldn’t find Vanessa’s hide out. She must have it cloaked or something.” He began

“Let me come… I find it…” Amber suggested

“Alright… but we’re not going into battle right away. No killing Vanessa or anyone else.”

“You no fun…”

Drake and Amber flashed, leaving Jade and Vicky to return serving their patrons. They appeared back in town, outside the park.

“This is where the scent ended.” Drake commented

“On other side…” Amber interrupted

They flashed over to where new homes had been built and were for sale. Amber pointed in the direction where the ‘Maker’s’ old house used to be.

“See it?” She asked

“What?” He sighed

She turned him to face her. Her eyes turned silver, gradually his did too. Slowly she spun him around and his eyes widened.

“Now I see it. It’s a Greek palace... in the middle of an empty lot.” He continued

“Must have picked up Wizard or Witch’s cloaking spell.” Amber continued

“How did she?”

“Used love…”

“I’m not following.”

“Mother is goddess of love… taught Vanessa how to make love into energy… then make it into anything she needs.”

“So whose love did she use?”

“Vampire lady and Mason’s… when she and telepath were under his spell. It made vamp lady remember the love they shared.”

“Now that we know where Vanessa’s hiding, let’s go.”

“Fine… you’re no fun.”

She began walking away; he caught up to her as the sun began to set behind them. One by one the street lights turned on as they walked into town. Elsewhere, Jade woke up to Talon kissing her neck, she squirmed in pleasure. She turned over to face him, burying her head into his bare chest.

“What’s wrong?” He asked lifting her head

“Something bad… I can feel it.” She whispered

“I know you and Jade won’t know until something happens.”

“It’s personal…”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s… It’s…. I can’t tell you.”

He hugged her tightly, “Alright, I trust you that whatever it is; you and your sister will handle it and try to stop it.”

She held him tightly and then got up. He whistled as she slipped off her long black t-shirt and it flew into the hamper.

Jade Jacobs gasped as she looked up from filling out an order form for alcohol. She reached for her phone and called her sister.

“Did you tell him?” She asked

“I couldn’t… it was…” Jade H paused

“Too painful? But why would this feeling come?”


“I’m not sure. He trusts us to…”

“Do whatever it takes to stop it.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

She hung up and began to get dressed. As she stepped into her long black skirt, she felt someone close by. She put on her ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ t-shirt and black coat.

She came out with her favorite pair of black lace up boots floating behind her.

“Talon…” She called

There was no answer; she sensed he was still home. She put on her boots and walked downstairs.


“Talon is a little busy right now.” A female voice replied

Her eyes widened to see Talon pinned against the wall in the study, by her desk. Vanessa smiled, dressed in a pair of boots, blue jeans, and dark pink t-shirt. She held a pink energy ball in her hand, as she turned to face Jade.

“Let him go Vanessa…” Jade growled

“Forget it… he’s coming with me.” Vanessa laughed

“Jade…stay back…” Talon whispered

“No… I can’t do that…”

The shelves and furniture began to shake. Vanessa walked up to Jade, the front door opened. Jade’s eyes widened sending Vanessa flying out the door and onto the front lawn.

She ran quickly catching up to her, kicking her hard in the stomach. Vanessa conjured an energy ball as she launched her attack; Jade was sent flying towards the house.

Vanessa got to her feet waiting for the smoke to clear; Jade flew through the smoke tackling Vanessa to the ground.

“Stay away from him…” Jade growled holding her knife to Vanessa’s throat

Vanessa disappeared laughing, Jade ran back inside to Talon. He had fallen to the floor, still wearing his gray plaid pajama bottoms. She inspected him for bruises and couldn’t see any.


“I’m alright love. I need blood.” He replied in a hoarse voice

She helped him to his feet and leaned against her. He sat down on the couch. She walked into the kitchen and the refrigerator door opened. Killian had delivered a new product, synthetic blood from a company in London.

The bottle went into the microwave and began to heat up for a minute. As she walked back to Talon, Amber was floating in front of him. She was inspecting his body.

“Hey night terror what’s up?” Jade asked

“Sensed she was here...” Amber replied

“What the hell did she do to me?” Talon asked taking a sip of his drink

“Took love energy… makes it do whatever she wants.” Amber continued

“She harnessed our love?” Talon asked

Amber nodded, “Along with Mason and vamp lady’s love while he held her captive.” She continued to explain about Vanessa’s plan and Hades. Jade left for work, Amber agreed to guard Talon. It was her or call Drake, to which Talon growled, saying no.

“Did anyone warn Max and Alex?” He asked

“Ash did… coming up with a battle plan.”

Jade walked into the lounge, her sister ran and hugged her tightly. Vicky came up behind her.

“He’s okay for now. But I can’t shake this feeling.” Jade H paused

“She’s just getting started.” Jade continued

Vanessa appeared in the throne room; Alexis stepped out from behind it.

“You look terrible. I guess the vampire was a worthy opponent?” She asked

“I wasn’t expecting her and him to be so strong. Their love energy will be very useful.”

“Great; you’re going to need it. The demon’s friends are powerful.”

“I hadn’t noticed…” Vanessa replied sarcastically

Later on that night, business at the lounge had become steady. Jade h was mixing a ‘Cosmo’ and a margarita in the blender. Vicky had come behind the bar to close out a tab. Amber and Talon appeared sitting at the bar.

“Catch a bad case of cabin fever?” Vicky asked

“Is she driving you crazy yet?” Jade H chimed in

“Funny…” Amber muttered

“I couldn’t stay in all night.” Talon continued patting Amber on the shoulder

Dannie, Aiden, and Aaron appeared in the parking lot. Aaron was being held up by Dannie and Aiden. Jade waved her hand to open the door. Jade H sent her desk chair to meet them. Aaron sat down, coughing heavily.

“What the hell happened?” Vicky asked

“Vanessa attacked him.” Dannie replied

“He’s been calling your name since we found him outside your apartment complex.” Aiden added

“Aaron… talk to me baby…” Vicky whispered

Aaron coughed leaning forward. Vicky reached out for his hand and took it into hers. It felt cold, the rest of his body, looked drained of all color. Amber knelt down beside Vicky, she conjured an energy ball. She let it circle around Aaron’s body.

The energy balls were absorbed slowly and he stopped coughing. He looked up at everyone staring at him.

“That woman can put up a good fight.” He commented

“What happened?” Vicky asked

“I had come home from work. She was leaning against our building; she was waiting for one of us to come home. I get out of the car and she doesn’t move. The minute the car door closed, she conjured an energy ball and threw it. I shifted, dodging her attacks, but she caught me. She threw a couple of punches, next thing I know she hold me up by the neck. It felt like she was taking my energy.”

“She took love energy… she makes it do whatever she wants…” Amber chimed in

“So she harnessed my love for Vicky? And thanks Amber.” Aaron continued

“Welcome! Shifter has manners…” Amber smiled

Everyone laughed as Ash appeared beside Amber. He smiled seeing Aaron was doing alright.

“White tigress ready?” Amber asked

“She is; and promises everyone will have a good time.”

“I won’t… Trent is with her…”

“We’ll get him back.”

She sighed as Ash took her into his arms and squeezed her tightly.

“Darling care to join me for supper?” Talon asked

“Sure; I’m sure the girls can hold down the fort.” Jade H replied

“Enjoy…” Jade waved

Jade H took Talon by the hand; they walked out and ran off down the main road. Dannie stepped behind the bar and grabbed her apron.

“I’m heading home; don’t stay out too late darling.” Ash began

“I won’t…” Amber replied

Ash flashed, as Amber took a seat at the bar. A tall glassed appeared in front of her filled to the top with a chocolate milkshake.

“Thanks… Telepath…” She smiled

“No problem; I have an idea, why don’t you come to my sister’s house tomorrow to get ready for the fundraiser.” Jade suggested

“No; need to do this on my own…”

“C’mon let us… or we could always come to your house.” Dannie suggested


“Great…” Jade smiled

Around two in the morning, Amber flashed into her room. She opened her closet to change into her pajamas, when she picked up on the familiar scent. It was faint at first, but disappeared. She reached onto the top shelf and pulled down a purple t-shirt and black sweat pants. As she climbed into bed, sleep took over her and she fell right to sleep.

She woke up the next day hearing Ash on his cell phone. Her cell phone rang and she saw Drake’s number on the screen.

“Wolf?” She asked

“Hey cupcake, would you like to be my date this evening to the fundraiser?” He replied

“That sweet… okay…”

“I’ll see you later.”



She got out of bed and went downstairs, to see Ash in the living room talking to Aiden. He signaled her to go into the kitchen. She took out a ‘Pop Tart’ from the pantry and put it into the toaster.

“Amber, I’m heading out to meet with Angela. I’ll be back in an hour.” Ash called

“Ok…” Amber replied

Her ‘Pop Tart’ rose up from the toaster and she sat down and ate. She was about to reach for the second one when Charlotte appeared sitting at the table across from her.

“Charlotte?” Amber asked

“I came to give you this.” Charlotte replied

She handed Amber her knife in a new black leather holster. Amber took her knife out and saw it was sharpened.

“Thanks… Panther…” Amber smiled

“You’re welcome.” Charlotte grinned; “You ready?”


“From what Ash told me she’s letting her jealously fuel everything.”

Amber nodded, “She wants to rule... show mother she’s better…”

“I doubt your mother would give up the throne to anyone without a fight.”

“Over dead body…”

“Anyway I wanted to drop this off. I’d better get going. I’ll see you tonight.”

“You invited?”

“I’m Ash’s date…”

Amber gasped as Charlotte winked and then flashed. She always thought Charlotte was better for Ash than her mother, but she didn’t want to interfere. She felt it best to let others chose who they love than have someone cast a spell to set everything in motion.

“Something wrong babe?” Ryan asked

Jade looked turned to her husband as he stood in the doorway of her and sister’s office.

“Something’s going to happen tonight…” She blurted out

“Something other than a jealous girl bent on revenge?”

She managed to smile as he came in and sat in Jade’s chair.

“It’s about Talon…”

“Did Jade tell him?”

“Didn’t have the heart; besides he trusts us to stop whatever is supposed to happen.”

“I hope whatever it is we can stop it.”

“Us too…”

He pulled her into his lap, her legs hung over the arm of Jade’s chair. She hugged him tightly, leaning her head against his chest.

Elsewhere, Max and Alex pulled into the parking lot of the ‘Manor’. They walked inside; the maple wood floor was polished. The cocoa colored walls and white crown molding shined in the light from the brass chandelier hanging above.

He led her into a room where Melody was setting up her salon supplies. A brown leather couch stood against the left wall. In front of it was glass top table.

Melody conjured a dark mahogany off-white cushioned chair. She smiled signaling her sister to sit down.

“It sounds like you invited the entire town.” She commented picking up a thick bristled hair brush

“I did; Andrew is coming with his new wife.” Max replied

“Let me guess… it’s his weekend?”

“They’ll be leaving afterwards.”

“On that note, I’m going to check in with Haley. I’ll be right back.” Andrew commented and walked out of the room.

“He seems to be handling this well.” Melody continued

“He is; to the girls it’s cool to have another father figure around.”

Melody nodded as she reached for her curling iron.

Back at Ash’s house, Amber had taken her dress out, hanging it on the back of her bedroom door. Her weapons were spread out on her bed.

“Amber can we come in?” Dannie called knocking on the door

“Come in…” Amber replied

Dannie walked in with the ‘Jades’ and Vicky.

“Are you ready?” Vicky asked

Amber nodded as Vicky unzipped the garment bag. Her wings unfolded as she began taking Amber’s dress out.

“What’s wrong Pixy?” Amber asked

“Do you sense that?” Vicky replied

“What?” The ‘Jades’ asked

A pink mist rose from the dress. Amber came up beside Vicky. She held out her hand, the mist turned into a pink energy ball.

“What is that?” Dannie asked

“Her perfume… made from love energy…” Amber replied

“Why leave that all over your dress?” Vicky asked

“She definitely had other plans.” The ‘Jades ‘commented

“Pixy can I have a vile?” Amber asked


Vicky held out her hand and a glass vile and cork stopper appeared. She held it out as Amber commanded the energy to go into the vile. After squeezing the stopper in tightly, she placed it with her knife and bracelet.

The ‘Jades’ led Amber into the bathroom. She sat down at her vanity, while her make-up bag came out of the bottom draw. Jade H began to apply foundation to her eyes, while her sister began brushing Amber’s hair.

“You have everything you need?” Jade H asked

“Don’t know where to put it…” Amber sighed

“Easy…” The ‘Jades’ said together.

“Strap the knife and bracelet to your thigh.” Jade H continued

“Your dress will conceal it...” Jade added

“And it’s only a snap away…” Jade H finished her sister’s sentence

“And vile?” Amber asked

“Velcro…” They replied together

When they finished Amber smiled. Her hair was tied into a high ponytail. Dark grey and white eye shadow lined her eyes.


“Go on… we have to…” Jade paused

“Have to get ready ourselves.” Jade H added

Amber nodded and walked back into her bedroom. Dannie and Vicky had changed into their dresses. Vicky wore a blue halter dress and silver heels. Dannie wore a white dress with a floral pattern going around the skirt.

They turned and their jaws dropped.

“Whoa you look beautiful.” Vicky commented

“Thanks Pixy…” Amber blushed

“Let’s get you into the dress.” Dannie continued

She took it off the hanger and unzipped the back. Amber stepped into it and Dannie zipped it up.

“You look ready to party and fight at the same time.” Dannie smiled

The ‘Jades’ walked in dressed; Jade wore a strapless purple dress with two hidden pockets in the skirt. Her sister wore a dark red dress with a corset styled top.

“Pretty…”Amber commented

“Thank you…” They all replied

Vicky handed Amber her leather holster. The bracelet and vile were put on with Velcro.

“Everyone is here, let’s go.” Amber began

They walked downstairs to see the guys, dressed in suits and waiting by the door. There was a mixture of whistles and ‘cat calls’ as they joined the rest of the group.

“Come the limousine is here.” Ash commanded

Everyone made their way outside, seeing a black limousine waiting. They all piled in and soon were on their way to the ‘Manor’.

Walking into the main room, she felt her nerves tense up. There was a stage near the north wall with a microphone and stand.


Drake took her by the hand leading her to their table.

“Relax sweetness…” He whispered

“Can’t…” She replied

He pulled her chair out, she sat down. She looked around the off-white colored room. Recess lights in candle shaped bulbs were lined on both sides of the room.

Each table was covered with grey table clothes, set with two plates, glasses and silverware. The men were dressed in suits, the women similar to her and her friends. Everyone began applauding as Max appeared on stage. She wore a pink dress and black flats. Her hair was curled and tied into a half ponytail.

“Thank you all for coming. Alex, Samantha, and Sierra will be selling raffle tickets. The prizes are a twenty-five dolor ITunes gift card, twenty dollar ‘Starbucks’ gift card, twenty dollar gift certificate to ‘Glam Salon’ where my sister Melody works and much more. Check out the prize table in the back. Please enjoy and thank you all for coming.”

Music began playing; a D.J had set up on stage. People got up and began dancing.

“Amber come dance with us.” Vicky suggested

“Okay…” She replied

Jade H held out her hand and led Amber on the dance floor. She felt the floor pulse beneath her from the heavy base. Jade H spun her around as she faced her friends she began to dance.

Suddenly she stopped, someone was close by. Charlotte arrived wearing a black capped sleeved dress. She waved and joined Ash at their table.

An hour later, after dinner was served, her eyes widened to see Vanessa being escorted by Trent and the ‘Siren’ right behind them.

“How did she get invited?” Dannie asked

“She’s offering a free palm reading.” Jade H replied

“To find your one true love…” Jade added

Amber walked off the dance floor towards the trio. Vanessa was talking with Sierra who looked to be sixteen. Her light brown hair was tied into a bun and wore a green dress.

“Hey Amber what’s up?” Sierra asked seeing Amber standing behind the trio

“Hey Tigress; need to talk to Trent… now…” Amber replied

She took Trent by the hand and led him out into the hallway and sat him down in a red velvet chair. His eyes looked glazed over; he was staring off into space. Ash and Jade came out and walked over to Amber.

“Trent… wake up…” Amber whispered

“That siren is powerful. I sense her magic all over him.” Ash commented

“Try waking him up the way you did for Ryan and Aaron.” Jade suggested

“Not sure… it’ll work…” Amber sighed

“Try darling, but it’s strange why would she let him go so easily.” Ash muttered

Amber conjured a white energy ball and let the tiny lightning bolts shock Trent. His body convulsed from the shocks, but nothing happened.

“Not working…” Amber groaned; “Trent… it’s me…”

Tears began filling her eyes, suddenly screams could be heard from inside. The doors to the main room shut as a pink light shined from beneath the doors.

“It was a diversion…” Jade began knowing her sister was thinking the same thing

“Let’s get in there and help the others.” Ash continued

Jade took his hand and they flashed into the room. Amber looked at Trent who was still in a trance. She stood him up and hugged him tightly. Her tears began to stain his jacket.

“Trent…please don’t leave me… “She whispered

She then leaned him back and kissed him. Her wings and tail appeared as she held him close to her. Slowly she felt a bolt leave her body and enter his. His eyes began to clear; his hands trembled as they began to massage her back. She pulled back and their eyes met.

“Trent?” Amber asked

“Amber…” He said in hoarse voice

“You’re back!!”

She hugged him tightly, but then let him go staring at the door.

“You stay… need to heal…” She continued

“Let me help…” He smiled

He took her hand into his as they flashed into the war zone. Ryan had made the tables disappear and the mortals were being shielded by his crystals.

Vanessa had conjured her small army of men and they joined in the fight. Each of them was dressed in traditional ancient Greek armor and armed with sword and shield.

“Great she brings an army…” Drake growled

“We can’t kill them. They’re just pawns in Vanessa’s

sick plan.” Vicky continued

“We’ll have to disarm them…” Jade H paused

“And stun them until we break the spell.” Jade added

Amber and Trent appeared beside Vicky.

“Attack…” Vanessa commanded

The men began charging as the ‘Jades’ stepped up. Their eyes widened causing the men to lose their weapons. They floated above them in a large pile; Trent conjured an ice energy ball and tossed it into the air. The weapons landed in the middle of the floor in a block of ice.

“Damn you Amber!” Vanessa growled under her breath

Alexis began humming her song and the men began charging again at Amber and her friends.

“Pixy …” Amber shouted

Vicky held both hands out in front of her. She conjured a yellow energy ball and held it over her head. Before the men could throw a punch, she threw it, launching her stun powder. The men froze in their tracks. Alexis gasped as Dannie tackled her to the floor and then dragged her over to Vicky.

Cherry blossoms had begun to surround her as she kneeled down. She sent the petals flying surrounding Alexis. Everyone turned away as a bright white light filled the room. As the light dimmed, Alexis was gone.

“Impressive…” Vanessa commented

“Why Vanessa?” Amber asked

“Why?” Vanessa laughed; “The daughter of a goddess turns down the opportunity for limitless powers. And rule the Otherworld with an iron fist. Your mother was foolish to think you would take the throne; she should have given it to me. She trained me, showed me her magic. I was lucky enough to take some to make my own. So now little demon, you must die. I want the rest of your mother’s magic, so I can take her down and claim what’s mine.”

“Mother scared people… into respect. I didn’t… Ash taught me to use powers for good. I hated what Mother did to Otherworld people. Spend time here… maybe you learn too…”

“Never! Now die!”

Vanessa levitated into the air conjuring ‘love’ energy balls in both hands. Small ones shot out like a machine gun, Vicky flew into the air conjuring her thorn whip. She dodged Vanessa’s shots and threw her whip, wrapping it around her ankles. It began to pull her down; she was still launching her attacks.

All of Vanessa’s energy formed into one energy ball and blasted everyone away from her. Amber stood her ground as a pink force field surrounded her. She forgot that she had some of her own ‘love’ energy.

“Talon!” Jade H screamed

One of Vanessa’s energy balls had taken shape of a stake. It had pinned Talon to the wall as Jade H removed it and laid his head in her lap. Amber looked back seeing Talon was really hurt and not healing. She looked back at Vanessa who had been brought down by Vicky’s whip.

Her wings unfolded and she took off flying right towards Vanessa. She threw a punch freeing her from Vicky’s whip. Vanessa’s eyes began to glow; she shifted into a tiger, pushing Amber off. Dannie and Aiden shifted back, as Amber got back to her feet.

“Now what?” Dannie asked

“Any attack we throw at her, she’ll absorb it.” Aiden added

“Not all…” Jade H whispered

“Not when we combine our powers.” Jade added

Vanessa had conjured Vicky’s whip, as the ‘Jades’ stood with Amber.

“Tell us what we can do…” Jade paused

“To help bring her down...” Jade H added

Thorns began to shoot out, some shot past them, others they deflected. Amber conjured the bracelet, but then turned to everyone.

“Wizard protect them… I must do this…” Amber began

She turned back and as the ‘Jades’ took each other’s hands. A smile appeared on her face.

Pin her to the wall…” She said in her thoughts

The ‘Jades’ nodded as more thorns shot out. They held up their hands and in a pushing motion they shot back towards Vanessa. Vanessa seemed ready to block her own attack, but Amber appeared behind her, putting the bracelet on her right wrist.

She screamed as the thorns pinned her to the wall, Hades rose up from the floor with a smile on his face.

“Hades… what you doing here?” Amber asked

“I could not resist the urge to come and collect.” He replied

A chain slowly fell from the bracelet and like a snake, slithered into his hand.

“Vanessa, prepare for an eternity of misery. Your jealousy has driven you into a dark place, though as much as I admire it; my wife disapproves. Come…” He whispered

They sank beneath the floor, the tables had reappeared. Everyone took their seats, Ash walked up to Max.

“We have to leave. I’m sorry, she needs to say goodbye properly.” He began

“I understand Ash. Tell her, if she needs anything.” She replied

“I will.”

At midnight, they gathered in her backyard. She put him into his Blackwood coffin, Amber conjured a fireball. Jade guided the flames surrounding the coffin; gradually the flames began to consume it. She took a few steps back, standing with her friends.

“Goodbye… my love…” She whispered.


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