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Updated on December 8, 2011

In this world you have to work for what you want
We start out behind and make our way to the front
What we do to get what we want and need
Working so hard that we sweat and bleed
Often failing but still striving to succeed
Showing kindness and respect or trickery and greed
Whatever works best for you to get in the lead
Try your hardest, never give up the fight
If you fall, get up, make your mistakes right
Be optimistic and always persevere
If it seems to good to be true, have no fear
Just keep your friends and family near
If you work hard enough you earn what you deserve
So stay on that path, through each bump and curve
Have an open mind and don't just talk and not listen
Because if you do good things you will get recognition
Eventually all the people will be asking and wishin
So just tell em plain and simple; you gotta have ambition


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    • norabons profile image

      Nora 3 years ago from Ghana

      Very inspirational

    • owningyourlife profile image

      Germain Williamson 5 years ago from las Vegas, Nevada

      Gifted, never stop writing.