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A Limousin Witch Story for Halloween - Amelie the Witch

Updated on January 26, 2014
It was a dark and stormy night - or rather a nice and sunny afternoon ....
It was a dark and stormy night - or rather a nice and sunny afternoon .... | Source

A witch story from Limousin, France

Looking for a witch story for Halloween? Here is a wonderful story about Amelie the witch. It was told to me, and others who had gathered together on the banks of Videix Lake. It was during a horse show put on by the riding stables near the lake organised by the stables at Pressingnac, the Centre Equestres des lacs de Haute-Charente. This perfect tale for Halloween was told by François DELARBRE, owner of the horses.

Where is Videix Lake? In Limousin, deep in the heart of rural France; an area famous for its witches.

I'd like to say that it was 'a dark and stormy night', but actually it was a lovely, summers day. More than that, though, it was a magical day.

This is the story as it was told to me .....

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So how does the Halloween witch story of Amélie begin?

One day, not so very long ago, by the side of Videix Lake .....

.... a man with lots of horses came to tell us stories from Limousin. The horses galloped, the man laughed and the children listened. Here the man is telling the children the story of Amélie the witch. It is all in French and do listen to it if you can. The man was very, very funny. This is roughly what he said:

The Story of Amelie the Witch for Halloween

Fountain de Notre Dame at Saint Auvent. One of the many springs and fountains in Limousin said to have healing or magical properties
Fountain de Notre Dame at Saint Auvent. One of the many springs and fountains in Limousin said to have healing or magical properties | Source

The Story of Amélie the Witch

I'm going to read to you the story of Amélie the witch. She's not a witch, she's a healer. The story starts this way. Think of her as a fairy who healed people. She's Amélie of ******. This isn't a castle, it's a fountain. A fountain that can perform miracles.

And Amélie drank from this fountain and became a healer. There was another healer living not far from Amélie's house In the countryside at that time, and because everything was in balance in that world, another healer was needed to conserve the balance. It has to weigh as much on one side as on the other. But we'll speak of it again another time.

When I knew Amélie I was a teenager and I had two verrucas on my hand. They just came like that, furtively like enemies that we didn't expect. They slid under my skin and they just stayed there now on the palm of my hand. Imagine greeting my friends or cleaning my private parts wearing the bandages from the chemist. I felt their roots growing and it was ruining my teenage years. What did life have in store for me later?

He notices that the audience is not watching him, but the horses behind. "She's not there to be watched. We had to take away the horses last time because when there's a horse in sight and a comedian at the same time, everyone looks at the horse. Its not possible to do otherwise. Having horses here is a very bad move on my part. I know that all eyes are looking behind me. I'll go over there ha ha ha But then nobody will look at me!"

He continues ... Amélie of ***** was going to heal my warts. The warts that were ruining my childhood. Nowadays they just freeze the veruccas with chemicals. I knew Amélie from three years of care from her. I went into her house, through her tiny door, she looked very small to me, almost fragile,

"Would you like some treatment, sonny?" She was always lent over her cauldron and she hadn't noticed me ye.

"Your a person who comes from the fountain of fairies, aren't you?" I said. "What a good fountain that was" I was eager to leave and I got up

"Don't leave yet," said Amélie. I sit down again and I see her get a cup and a bottle of wine. As she filled up the cup without looking at me, she says to me, "Well, Do you come from the world of the verruca?" She looked at me and I saw her face. She took my hand. She opened a door and seated me on a big four poster bed. Then she closed the window and knelt down in front of me. She took my hand, she touched the verrucas one after another with the tips of her fingers as if the verrucas would bite her.

"Awe, they are so nasty!" She made some strange signs above my hand and muttered a few incantations. My skin wriggled as the verrucas burnt out of the flesh, finally Amélie dived her hand into her apron pocket and took out an enormous knife and slashed the air in front of me. I thought my life had come to an end but .. then, bit by bit she looked astonished Come and finish your drink, said Amélie. That's the end of the story. Oh, my warts were still there but I haven't got them now. I wasn't thinking about it when one morning they had completely disappeared. This was a true story.

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Limousin is magical and Videix is brilliant!Tales of witches and horse shows on the banks of Videix LakesThe stories were told by the owner of the equestrian centre at PressignacHorses by Videix LakeBeaches and boating and witch stories on Videix lake
Limousin is magical and Videix is brilliant!
Limousin is magical and Videix is brilliant! | Source
Tales of witches and horse shows on the banks of Videix Lakes
Tales of witches and horse shows on the banks of Videix Lakes | Source
The stories were told by the owner of the equestrian centre at Pressignac
The stories were told by the owner of the equestrian centre at Pressignac | Source
Horses by Videix Lake
Horses by Videix Lake | Source
Beaches and boating and witch stories on Videix lake
Beaches and boating and witch stories on Videix lake | Source

Where is Limousin Exactly?

87600 Videix, France

get directions

Les Trois Chenes

16150 Pressignac, France

get directions

Centre Equestre des Lacs de Haute Charente

Limoges, France

get directions

Limousin is a land of witches

Limousin has always been a land of lakes, of woods, of mystery, of were-wolves and of witches. The folk stories are rich and many. There are also healers and healing fountains here. People still believe.

Why is Limousin so steeped in witchcraft and magic? Limousin is a secret place, in the past it was rural and isolated. Even now few people know about it.

The magic of our little corner of Limousin, around Rochechouart, began a long, long time ago when a giant meteorite fell to the earth, forming a great crater. It happened many thousands of years ago. This area of the Limousin is known as 'The Land of the Meteorite', the houses here, just in this particular part of Limousin, are built from 'moonstone'; stone of the meteorite that fell from the sky. It makes you shiver, doesn't it?

I do hope you'll enjoyed this witch story for Halloween.

There are witches in Limousin today

Do you believe that there are witches here now?

See results

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