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America will Remember: In the Aftermath of 9-1-1

Updated on September 11, 2016
America remembers!
America remembers! | Source

Everyone knows where they were.....

Everyone knows exactly where they were when recalling a disaster. I know I was in school when JFK’s assassin took place and I recall the tears and fear of everyone around me. We were given an extra long recess that day as none were able to concentrate on their studies.

Attacks on America during the 9-11 disaster is another unforgettable day that everyone knows exactly where they were and what they were doing. You did not have to be where the attacks took place to feel the overwhelming fear and sadness. We all felt it.

American Nightmare- A tribune by Diana Pierce

Published in 2004 Reflections
Published in 2004 Reflections | Source
Cover of Reflections poetry collection
Cover of Reflections poetry collection | Source

The day after the attacks I wrote this poem, American Nightmare. In 2004, it was published in vol. 1 of Reflections which is a collection of poetry.

I’ll never forget the haunting feeling of looking into the clear night sky and not seeing even one airplane in the sky. An other wise airspace well traveled was empty. The orders of every plane grounded were our only defense at the time. It's the only time in our history and hopefully the last time such an order will need be enforced.

My thoughts of three years ago....

I wrote these words three years ago as a facebook status. It sums up much of what every American felt in the background of that tragic event:

I bet every one of you can remember where you were the moment the 911 calls that changed history hit the news cast.

I remember it clearly. It was a Tuesday morning. I had the day off because I had taken a couple of vacation days to go to Atlantic City. We returned Monday evening late so Tuesday was a rest up day.

Shortly after 9 am I get a call from a neighbor, Jeff, who said, "Turn on your TV, a plane hit one of the World Trade towers." The first thing I see on the screen is Tower One with a hole in it a blaze. And I am totally in disbelief when I see on live TV a plane go into the South Tower. For nearly two hours chaos unfolds and the news of planes heading to Washington really confirmed we are at war. When they said a plane went down in a Pennsylvania field I actually went outdoors and looked to see if I could see smoke. Of course, it was southern Pennsylvania and not even close to where I am.
Twelve years have passed and we must never forget. We need to keep this memory alive for those who parish and those who saved other lives. History needs told of what happened and it needs to be told how off guard we were and still yet are. Trusting people who never knew what hit them. RIP Victims of 911, you did not die in vain. America Remembers.

Tribune by Alan Jackson

Fifteen years later..........

September 11, 2001 changed everything we knew as American citizens to be true, no longer the feeling of safety in own homes and no longer are we naive enough to trust anyone especially those we don’t understand who came here looking to change our lifestyle and destroy our part of the world. Where the eagle flies and the buffalo roam is a nation inflicted with grief and anger. Mad as hell and every right to be. Who did this? What country? Why, oh why? Are we fighting anything more than a group of beings so insane they kill themselves in order to kill others? The questions are still unanswered. Fifteen years later and justice has been found by the slaying of the leader of the terrorist attack. But, are we safe now? Do we go back to normal? Normal will never come back as we once knew it. We can’t let our guards down again; not now and likely not ever.

Fifteen years has come and gone since the day that changed our world. Fifteen years of heart ache and memories that found a place in our history books. America will remember.

Tribune by Toby Keith


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