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Amethyst Monkey

Updated on April 29, 2017
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This author has a Bachelor's in Psychology (Baylor University) and a Doctorate in Reso Froth (Resolamb Castle). He enjoys writing.

She asks him to please give her

full control of Amethyst Castle. Amethyst Castle is the last bulwark of Christianity. If she can gain ownership of Amethyst Castle, she knows it will be easy to destroy the Christians. Amethyst Monkey tells her that he will not give her the kingdom.

Fangtip McSmatt is in a hospital. He is paralyzed from the neck down. AJ visits him. They have an argument. AJ kills Fangtip.

Amethyst Monkey feels sore. He goes to a spot and gets a massage. He feels much better.

A library donates 100,000 shekels to Amethyst Monkey. The librarians want him to improve his Team of Amethyst Tiger Baronets. Now he feels a whole lot better! They want him to kick out AJ Baronet from the kingdom. The people like having Amethyst Monkey as their king. He is doing an excellent job of getting the kingdom from out of debt.

Xandriana can no longer hide

her lizard demon form. Her face flashes from that of a human woman to that of a blue face lizard. Her blonde hair shimmers in the sun, being further contrasted by the blue skin. She realizes that if she does not win Existential Space Chess, then her DNA will be forever eradicated from existence. She's pulling out all the stops. She decides to get most of humanity to attack Amethyst Castle. Why not?

Quazario fights Methy Baronet. He beats him up. Quazario takes the Amethyst Pearl. Now he will protect it. He forms a small team. He aligns himself with Strizarius and Nubianna.

The people vote as to

who they want their ruler to be. Will it be King Amethyst Monkey? Or will it be Queen Amethyst Lion? The people vote. Amethyst Monkey wins by a landslide.

Benaiah is now known as Benaiah Dame.


The year is 2017. April.

Xandriana threatens Amethyst Castle. She states that she has the philosopher's stone. With it, she creates Clones of the living. Now JT Baronet understands how the evil corpses were revived back to life.


JT Baronet got a lot of money.

The year is 2017. May.

The Amethyst Tiger Baronets got the alignment fixed on their Space Cruiser. It cost them 130,000 shekels.

They may need new

space shocks as well.

Xandriana spots JT Baronet. She runs after him and chases him. She fires her death orbs at him. He barely dodges them. He hides in Amethyst Forest. Xandriana is pissed. JT is glad he didn't lose his cell phone. He's also glad that he bought the dry red powder from the black market. Some call it the philosopher's stone. Others call it future stuff. All he knows is that you never ingest the stuff. You become a druggie if you do.

Future stuff works great for recharging phone batteries, however. JT slips some of the future stuff into his phone charger. He is very careful not to get any of it on his fingers. He wears protective gloves.

JT wishes he could

have been there to help Jefe. He keeps on feeling guilt for not having been there.

The year is 2017. December.


Quazario is the owner of the Amethyst Pearl. Amethyst Monkey rules Amethyst Castle. He is the king. He still holds possession of the Jasper Key. Quazario has learned how to transport himself from one location to another. He no longer needs a vehicle. Quazario decides to teach Amethyst Monkey how to time travel without a vehicle. Amethyst Monkey is very thankful. He gives Quazario a copy of the Jasper Key. There are now 2 Jasper Keys. Quazario must travel to Washington DC.

He must meet

a woman there.

Century Dove shows up.

"Quazario, there are druggies after you. The reason is because you found out how to time travel. Go to Wharton, TX. There you will find an old barn. On the side of the old purple barn are three dead trees. Walk under those trees and you will travel through a portal."

"Okay. I can do that."

Quazario enters the black portal. He sees what seems to be demons reaching out at him. He knows he will eventually need some kind of weapons for this journey. He walks through the portal. He comes out the other side. He's in Washington DC. However, this Washington DC looks way different.

He sees Amethyst

Sandca. She's wearing a custom made black suit.

"Quazario, don't time travel for a while until you read my secret envelopes. Please hear me out. You don't want to pull a Gurmanaffe."

"No. I don't.

I won't do it until I read the files in your secret envelopes."

"Follow me, please. You and I must work together to shut down the portals so that no more demons can travel through."

Skybrid, Crone, and Zoney have spread their music to many earthlings. The three beings were extraterrestrial beings. After listening to their songs, certain select humans were activated. Their brains opened up to outer space, realizing that a certain man would appear to them. His name?

Steward WH Lar Baron.

So, what did the 3 space aliens do? Well, they established multiple plans in order to stop Steward WH Lar Baron from contacting 144,000 humans.

"Steward, what does the WH in your name stand for?"

"Wharton, young one. Wharton has all the answers you need. Travel there as quickly as you can."

Another Fun Convo Between Dr. B.R. Lar and Classy Clad

Verse 6. The pope blasphemies by saying he is the holy father.

Verse 7. The one eye Universal Church will make war on us and overcome some of us.

Verse 8. All who dwell on this planet will worship the pope. That is, those who aren't true Christians. We true Christians will refuse to worship the pope.

Verse 9. Classy Clad, you and I hear the Lord!

Heaven is the goal, brother!

Hey brother are you up

I sure am brother

Now I am

Can I call you in a bit

Prolly at 9:30 brother

I can't wait till work I'll have to bring my notes with me I got in a bind a little bit

Now you can man

I got a vacation

Had me a good Bible study at around 3 this morning!

Ok brother I got them

Praise the Lord!

No brother I got those

I sent you 10 through 13

Ah! So it never sent me 10 through 13!



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