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An Alternative Universe

Updated on March 25, 2017
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is currently a volunteer at the Westchester County Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years.


I have often wondered what if things have been different and our country have taken a different path in 1970. Will things be better off? Some theoretical physicist proposes that our reality may be just one of an infinite universes where all paths are equally likely. If that is the case, what would one alternative universe be?

- Dec. 2016


Allow me to use the Amish as an example. In our current society, we rely on electricity and modern appliances for our daily lives. We use devices to communicate, to cook, to conduct business and for entertainmemt. Yet, living among us is a community of people, who does not subscribe to those modern conveniences. They live quite well without electricity. They are farmers who makes a living off the land. They are religious and moral and help each other in a communal village. The people seems happy and well adjusted. The crime rate is very low and they are non violent.

It is said the Amish would be one of the few people that would survive a major catastrophe such as an EMP attack. This weapon will bring all the power grid down for extended periods and zap all electronic components.

In light of this, are we better off than the Amish? Our modern technology dependence has made us slaves to these technology and trapped in a state of vulnerability.

An Alternative Universe

Now imagine a new reality where our country went a different path. One that embraces our Consitution, Conservative principles and a world that follows Judeo Christian values of the Ten Commandments. What would be the result?

This is wishful thinking on my part but just imagine if it was possible. What would that new reality be?

Let me address some points:

Marriage and the family unit - Society is built on the strength of our family and our comunity. The family is what keeps us motivated to build and improve and advance and gain wealth. In order for the family to be strong, we need two parents. Ideally, that family will consist of a father who is a bread winner, and a mother who is the home maker and primary care giver and nurturer of the children. Children needs most of all is stability and the unconsitional love of their parents. They need to grow and learn the values thst will help them succeed in a real world. In the old Chinese way of Confucius philosophy, one of the virtues is ancestor worship. Not to worship like a God.

The idea being the family and the family name are supreme. The descendants are obligated to keep the honor and respect of elders and that it will bring blessings for future generations.

I am not saying other family units are illegitimate. It is just not the ideal. Obviously, a single parent family is unavoidable. When one parent dies or divorced, you will end up with a single parent. Adopted families is another way for unwanted children born to poor destitute women to be raised. Gay couples are also included in these alternative family units. No question these forms are valid and loving and supportive units. However, they are not the ideal.

Divorce used to be a stigma. People would avoid it as a last resort. Mainly because of societal pressures, couples would try and talk things out. They would go to counseling to resolve difficulties. Since the passage of the no-fault divorce laws, it is much more common. What is the long term effects on their children? What are the economic implications of divorce?

Lying and Cheating

The Ten Commandment was set down by God to help the Jewish people as a way to live. One of the key commandment is - Thou shall not bear false witness.

Why is this so important? Because lying is a way of distorting people's perception and therefore affecting their judgment. These actions does not happen in a vacuum. It is like a ripple in a pond. One act of deception will lead to another...

What if all of us try to live by that commandment each day? Not to be naive to believe that we are all capable of it. Even if 90% of us do so, it would be a great improvement. In addition, there would be penalty to pay for someone caught lying. Only if there are consequences, will the behavior change.

Image in an election where the candidates tells us the truth. Not just what you want to hear, but what he or she intend to do once elected. What a world of difference that will make?

Self Reliance and Personal Responsibility

Imagine if people were taught to be self reliant. The welfare state would be non existent or greatly reduced. People would help families and friends when they are down on their luck. Charities will provide the safety net. People will not abuse their bodies with drugs.

Drug Culture and Substance Abuse

Image a world free of mind altering drugs that are addictive. What if we ban all mind altering drugs such as LSD and crack cocaine and marijuana...? Will we have the same people who are addicted to these drugs causing pain and suffering to their loved ones and causing an increase in crime and the drug trafficking industry? Or we will finally has some protection from these mind altering chemicals that are distorting our reality.

Nation of Immigrants

What if we actually enforce our borders and allow legal immigration to dictate who is coming over here. We will not have this two tier system of people. Some are legal and some are undocumented. Some are afraid to live in the open and may be exploited by others that benefit from cheap labor.

Deficits and Debt

What if our country is governed by adults who understand the budget process and try to live within our means. Instead of running up huge debt that will burden our children and grand children for years to come. What if we pay as we go and only pay for what is needed and not waste tax dollars on various social experiments.


What if we have a government that holds individuals account for their actions? What if our bureaucrats are subject to the same rules and regulations that the rest of us are held to? If they fail to perform their duties, there is a price to be paid. What if the GAO is actually doing their job? Will we still have these huge cost overruns? Or a broken VA system? Or an IRS or EPA or NSA going rogue.


Just to summary an alternative universe that we might be living in. Not that it would be perfect, only heaven can be that. We could have made things easier. Life could have been less of a struggle, less wasteful, less taxing.

If you examine closely our current list of problems and challenges, you can divide them into two pots. Ones that we have no control over and from external sources such as ISIS and terrorism, and ones that were created over time by our own misbehaviors. Like the high divorce rates, broken families, drug abuse and dependency, broken public school system, high teenage pregnancies, driving under the influence...

Life would be much better if we just follow some basic principles of self reliance and personal responsibilities.

© 2016 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      Buildreps, thanks for checking in. Merry Christmas to you as well. I will be checking some of your hubs as well. You seem to have similar curiosities...

    • Buildreps profile image


      2 years ago from Europe

      I liked the way how you described the Amish, Jackclee. They are indeed invulnerable to an EMP attack. I like list of wishes you provided here!

      About ISIS, it's already common knowledge they are created by the US, so there's one of your list :) Wish you a great week, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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