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An Employer for the Writers Looking to get Paid

Updated on November 3, 2011

I have been on a writing journey for the last year, or that is what I’m calling it. I have been looking around the web for sources that will pay me for my writing, as a work from home job that can be done when the kids are in bed. Finding the best sources can be easier said than done. Yes, you can get paid, but usually not very much. I have written numerous articles for many different sites and here is where I have found the best paying.

The best paying so far, is Constant Content. They pay once a month or bi-weekly. The only catch is that you truly need to be a good writer to get your content on their site. It has to flow and have proper spelling, format and grammar in order to be excepted. Customers will request content and place a price range that they are willing to pay for a good write-up. You set your own price for your content. Sell your articles for a usage price, unique or for full rights. One of the down falls of Constant Content is that if your article is not accepted, it is then purged from their system and you will have to resubmit. Also there is fierce competition out there, so you have to submit your very best.

The other employer that I have been very happy writing for is called London Brokers. They are a company that hires only English writers for their content. I found this awesome website through, where I had been looking for work. They pay every Friday and encourage you to write as much as you can. They have videos and articles to help you to learn how to write more efficiently. The down fall of London Brokers is that they more often than not, require topics that are “niche” topics, for example home improvement articles. But on the upside, they have, for the most part, a large selection for you to choose from and a given time frame that is reasonable and can be easily attained. They post the price that they will pay according to word count and the topic difficulty. It is possible to make some good money, if you are motivated to do so.

One of the other sites that I have done some writing for but was sadly disappointed, is Demand Studios. I found that writing for Demand Studios was hard. The pay is great, if they accept your content. Great meaning $15.00 great. Which is on the high end of the website content pay scale. The problem with this company is the editors, they often are very picky and want you to jump hoops, so-to-speak. If you are a freelancer you know how hard it is to write up creative content on topics that may make you yawn.

Another website that tends to pay very well for articles is Helium. Helium is a website where you pick topics to write about and are judged by your peers. The best articles tend to get rated the best and then you come out with a percentage because of this. If you have reached a certain threshold, you can then write for their Marketplace. This is a place similar to Constant Content, the employers usually pay quite well, but there is again the huge competition to get your article picked. The best writers on this site know that this is a chance that they have to take. So in essence, you may be writing for nothing. The other source of potential income from Helium is from the competitions that they host. They have numerous competitions on the go which requires different kinds of writing. So if you like poetry or fictional writing, they often have competitions for that.

And the last website I will mention is Prestige Writing Services. It is a website that has a compilation of resources, writing tips, and writing jobs that you can apply for. They also have an area where they sell writer's articles, so you can submit a summary with word count and the price that you want for each article that you list.

While writing online articles can be frustrating because of the uninteresting topics, there are resources such as Hubpages, that share the revenue for your writing and you are able to write whatever you like, know about and can offer valuable knowledge about.

Writing can be a lot of work and can be time consuming. Stick with topics that are familiar to you or venture out and research and write about things that interest you. Either way, you end up the winner. The more you write the better you get. It would be very hard to ever make enough to support yourself on this kind of writing, but it comes in handy as a few extra dollars here and there.

If you really have a passion for knowledge, writing and creativity, you will have no problems eventually finding excellent writing resources.


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    • Steph0596 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Ontario

      Thank you mljdgulley345, I had hoped that it was informative info, guess I don't do enough seo work for my articles. Thanks for the comment!

      Thank you too tlpoague, I hope that it's is useful and helps you with your future writing plans.

    • tlpoague profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      I think this is great information to bookmark for the future when things slow down for me. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • mljdgulley354 profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't know when you wrote this hub but it is very informative. I happened to stumble on it. I am amazed no one commented on it.


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