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An Encounter (Short Fiction)

Updated on June 27, 2020

Thinking about thinking.

The hours passed more slowly than usual. There was no prayer that would speed up time. In a corner of her room, she was nervously playing with her brown hair. Would she have the courage to finally do it? Ultimately, it was not an easy decision to make, but what decision is it? In a moment, her life could finally take the turn she had always dreamed of. Why should she care what others think of her? Life is just one and it's not worth wasting when drowning in a river of tears. She painted her lips with the hottest lipstick she found, outlined her eyes with a blue color that made them look even bigger. She couldn't afford to look bad, no matter what. She looked at herself in the mirror, and slowly, something like self-confidence began to fill her spirit.

Every inch of her body trembled like a small flower. Her voice seemed to refuse to come out of her throat. But none of that mattered to her anymore. The young woman took a big breath and headed for the door. Mom and Dad were already asleep. The city lights called out to her loudly.


A crowded place
A crowded place | Source

And she was ...

And she was as elegant as a cat walking the rooftops of a neighborhood. Nothing and no one could deflect the stellar vibes that drew all eyes to her slim, but shapely figure. A million restless fireflies accompanied her at every step. A tiny ballerina waddled with the elegance of an oriental princess. Nothing and no one could distract her.

It was her time to shine like the star that she was. All those hurtful words spoken by envious hearts would soon be left behind. The stairway to heaven would soon approach her, allowing her to touch the same clouds with her hands. A small mischievous grin escaped her lips. No one knew it, but today was the first day of the rest of her new life. Not all revolutions imply a bloodbath. There are changes that take you to a new path in a smooth way. All those shed tears would soon be a sad memory of the past. With strong steps and a smile capable of illuminating the city, she adjusted her green skirt a little and without hesitation, entered the nightclub. The hypnotic music of the place called her like a brilliant light to a firefly that had just begun to live.

A Sudden Crash

The place was full of smoke. You could hardly see anything. She went to the bar, trying to keep calm, and asked for a drink.And suddenly, the eyes of two people hungry for love, meet without warning in the middle of the dance floor. In an instant, everything around them disappears. The nightclub becomes a space specially designed so that two hearts meet in the middle of the noise. Just a small exchange of smiles and a couple of beers for the spark to ignite between the two young souls. Just a small exchange of smiles and a couple of beers for the desire spark to ignite between the two young persons.

There was no more time to waste on words that would end up disappearing in the wind. They had to get out of there as soon as possible, and go from words to action.

The Embrace

Two bodies intertwine in a perfect instant. Meanwhile, a wheat field dances following the gentle caress of the south wind. Nature has ways of showing human beings its gentleness. A young woman cannot help but blush at the gentle caress of skillful hands. Time turned into a diffuse stain that seemed to blur more every second. Rivers of lava flowed under her feet, and the only way to calm them down a bit was to the delightful embrace of the naked angel standing next to her. There is no use in trying to deny it, her body no longer obeys the dictates of reason. The clothes begin to fall and there is no longer a place to hide the truth behind the shield made of pure insecurity. Her hips sway from side to side, following the rhythm that gave birth to humanity. He looks at her in amazement, thinking that all this perhaps is only a hallucination caused by a great ethyl stupor.She feels her heart race, but she doesn't even think for a moment about running away. She wants to stay there, until the new day announces its arrival with a pale yellow hug.

Sweet Love
Sweet Love | Source


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

― Dr. Seuss


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