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An Exercise for My Writer's Block: An Ode to the Disney Villain Maleficent

Updated on March 24, 2021
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


How I Came Up With My Writing Exercise

Go away writer's block!! Yes, this is where I was at in my head when I wrote this little piece of poetry. I had a good plan for such an original piece of prose. However, every time I wrote a few lines, I deleted those few lines. I could not find the flow of what I wanted to write.

Then, I decided to surf the web. I started looking at photos of nothing particular just whatever came up after I typed in keywords that I felt might go along with the idea I had in my mind. Time, past, vintage, all these words, yet nothing that came up made me feel propelled to go forward with a solid verse that would make sense. Prose should be easy since it is not full of rhyme or reason. It's only thoughts and stanzas that stand out in no particular placement. Just thoughts!! So, why couldn't I come up with that??

Well, I still couldn't. Then, I saw a picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, and I started thinking about how odd I was. Let me explain. I really love Disney movies. I like the stories of inspiration of love and magical adventures. Even so, my favorite characters, oddly enough, have always been the villains. No, not because I admire their torture of the good princesses and princes. Wait, I am lying there. It is kind of exhilarating watching them construe their evil. Don't judge. It's only a Disney movie, not a murder mystery! Anyway, I have always found a soft spot for these evil go-getters, and Maleficent is one of my favorites. I only recently watched the movie version with Ms. Jolie playing this part. I liked it. Though different in a lot of ways from the cartoon, Jolie gave the character a human side, the kind of side I always saw in the villains even if it wasn't well pronounced in the cartoon version.

Therefore, this is what I came up with after writer's block for what I really wanted to write. I decided to write a poem about the character Maleficent. I thought of this as a writer's block exercise. Something out of the blue to write that may or may not be relevant in anyone's eyes as they read, but hopefully will be entertaining enough to give me a sense of direction to write out my prose piece that is stuck in my head. I will try that tomorrow. But for now, I hope you think this villainous piece is worth a read.

The Dragon Lady



Do you ever get tired of being nice? Thoughts of evil deeds

entertaining your mind...

Do you feel that’s crazy even to think, when you know yourself

you wouldn’t hurt a flea?

Did life delusion your softer side,and in turn, harden your heart

for revenge and despise?


How do you relax these scary impulses in order for the true

you to come back to the Surface?

An alluring cackle springs from your throat, but later on you

weep alone.

Stop this insanity - you think to yourself. Rise above it all.

Bury Maleficent.


Who is your favorite Disney Villain

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Once Upon a Dream

© 2017 Missy Smith


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