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An Idea I Felt Worthy........ For Carrie.

Updated on February 24, 2010


An idea I felt worthy....... to Carrie

  © -MFB


You could have been King's Carrie
your favorite author's
hellish female demon
burning all those
who saw you as worthless
watching the steam rise
from their smouldering carcasses
inhaling it to make up
for your lack of self esteem
instead you have
a burning passion
that is unpenned in poems
that command respect
you scratch matches
to your thoughts
when ideas are sparked
and spread their warmth
here for all to see
you could have been born In Iraq
with a name like Careem
sweating out the desert heat
in a black veil and gown
sleeping with a man who bathes
only once a year before
his trek to Mecca
and then forgets to afterwards
Instead you are a homemaker
and a wife in Tennessee
the only state that is a 10
it's got it in it's name
cool blue green waters run
down mountain streams
as deer frolic in your yard
Or perhaps you live in
a two bedroom walk up
in downtown Nashville
but it's not a cardboard box
with some ragged bedding
and a shopping cart
that holds all you own
You could have been married to "Elvis!!"
and found him wrapped around
the porcelain god that day
in "77" when the other King died
you might have had to clean up
the vomit and excretions
that death brought amidst
all of your wealth in his mansion
of gold and glitz
you might have been God
Imagine that a female
able to rearrange the rooms
of the entire universe
with just a wave of her hand
but then you would have to deal with
the deaths of tiny fetuses
by the millions
starving two year olds
with bloated bellies clenched in fear
and teens slitting their wrists
in tubs with footed claws
instead you are a poet
a wordsmith
a wife...a friend to many
a lover at times
and an angry soul
when wrath is needed
you are young
and Human!!!!
you could have been a maggot
nursing a dog turd
in search of wings
But I see your wings here instead
when you line up your thoughts
and shoot straight from your heart
into the souls of your readers
so raise your head
just a wee bit higher
and walk like a
twenty-first century minstrel
Carrie yourself
and your words proudly
to all who will hear
and self esteem
will follow humbly behind....


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      9 years ago

      I don't know Carrie but you introduced her to us here at hubpages and I feel I have held Carrie's hand and felt her pain.

      I like the imagery and the music of your poem!


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