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An Insight of A Freelance Writer's Jobs

Updated on December 1, 2014

Who needs to know this?

Anybody associated with the freelance writing market should know these things. There are tons of contents in the internet which will say a tons of things about freelance writing. But what they will be trying to do is to gain traffic and target keywords and that is all. What I have found in most of the freelance article writing blog posts, are really frustrating. These articles probably seem to say that one can earn money being a freelance writer. There are nothing in these articles except this little message that one can earn money being a freelance writer. Actually nobody wants to share the hard earned experience for free. But here I am going to reveal some of the duties and responsibilities of a freelance writer. So, anybody who wishes to know what a freelance writing career is, should know these things. It would also help those who are looking relevant contents for their niche and looking to hire a freelance writer.

What experience do I hold to present this to you?

I am associated with the freelance writing market since 2010. Being a non-native English speaker, I had to struggle hard to get along with this career. I had literally worked for free under experienced freelance writers, in order to get a better conception of this kind of job. It took me more than a year and a half to get a clearer idea of this niche of career. From there I have gone on to work on various writing projects. And I am going to speak from my practical experience of four years in this industry and from the loads of researches that I had done during this time. Simply, I am just going to save your time in researching about Freelance Writing.

My Odesk Profile. Odesk is the leading freelancing platform for talented Freelance Writers.
My Odesk Profile. Odesk is the leading freelancing platform for talented Freelance Writers.

How A Freelance Writer can charge the clients?

A freelance writer can work on a fixed price basis or in hourly basis. The market is huge and there are countless possibilities if you have the talent of crafting words in a unique way. But sometimes the rates could vary a lot. This happens due to the sub contracting which has gained a viral popularity in freelance writing market. What happens in these cases are that, a well established freelancer or an agency takes a lot of workload and hires beginners from the market to get the job done. If a work is worth $100, the well reputed freelancer or agency might try to hire someone to do the job at as low as $10. But the fact is that when the rates are dropped in order to complete writing assignments within a shorter period of time, the quality of writing is going to fall.

In no parts of the worl you can make a living @ $10 a day. Could you? The potential clients understands that and they actually pay well.

So, how can you work? What should be the rate? You can charge your client or buyer on a per word basis. You can put up a rate for each 100 words and charge your client accordingly. Alternatively you could also charge the client on a fixed price per article. For example: you can charge $20 for an article of 500-700 words. But the best way to do it is on an hourly basis as an article, blog post, business letter or whatever you might require to write, needs researching and proofreading. The potential clients, who want real contents will give you the freedom to work on an hourly basis.

Platforms like Odesk have such applications which can track the amount of time you work and you get paid as per their guarantee. Of course you have to work during these hours in order to get paid.

You can move either way. But the best way to do it is on hourly basis.

What type of work will I be required to do as a Freelance Writer?

If you are wondering that how could you use your talent of writing as a freelance writer, this is your answer. There are a lot of industries out there, aren't there? Almost all the industries, from small sized to medium and large businesses are moving towards online business. Though the printing media and conventional marketing hasn't lost its reverence even in the 21 century, the importance of digital marketing can't be denied.

In order to market a product digitally, the most important thing is content. If you are running a business you would want to educate your customers about your product so that you can make the utmost from a customer and give him quality service. This requires presenting the idea of a particular business to be presented in a simpler and unique way. There are lots of easy ways in the internet to catch plagiarized and duplicate writing. So, what is going to sell is originality.

So, as a freelance writer a client might ask you to rewrite articles in order to make it unique. You could be given a particular title and could be asked to write a 500-700 or 1000-1500 words article. You could be asked to craft the headlines of an article or blog post to make it appealing. You could also be asked to write press releases or proof read business letters. Being a freelance writer also requires the ability to write research papers and E-Books which ranges from 5,000 - 50,000 words. Besides, you could be given few pictures of a product and could be asked to write an exquisite product description. You could also be asked to write review articles.

It is not that you have to do it all. But the more you can do, the better. Some clients like freelancers who chooses his niche specifically. On the other hand some clients prefer the wide range of experiences of a freelance writer. But it is very important to uphold your capabilities of being A Responsible Freelance Writer. A responsible freelance writer knows that what needs to be done and can work under less supervisions and tight deadlines.

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