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An Inspirational Entity (John Lennon)

Updated on June 26, 2021
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


How I Get My Inspiration To Write

What inspires you to write? I asked myself this question today as I sat down to write my favorite genre; poetry.

Inspiration for me could come from a period in my day where I’m listening to music that affects my thoughts or life in its everyday motions: getting up, getting dressed, and doing my normal routine, and then later exhausting in the day and thinking about how the day has made me feel. It could even be a desire to reminisce over the past or wonder about the future. My poetry could spawn from hurt, excitement, or a tired stroll down thoughts of a few regrets.

Words and Music

However, today my inspiration came after I listened to a song by a man who was a single entity of our world. No one was truly liked him and never will be again. This guy is none other than John Lennon, and the song is called "Jealous Guy."

Like many days during my downtime, I will sit at my computer and stroll through iTunes radio or pull up YouTube and watch the video along with the song. I love music. Lyrics and music are poetry set to motion, in my opinion. I'm almost jealous of this because the poetry you write has to be felt and understood within oneself. It is more susceptible to being misunderstood than a song is to be regarded as a way to be interpreted in different scenarios. As a poet, I hope my written poetry is also taken like that, but it is much more challenging to do that with only versed words than for a song lyric set to beautiful music. I do see paper verses as just as memorable, though.

I feel that it takes a real poet and poem lover to reap the benefits of poetry lines. When you think about it, that is what makes the process special. Everything has a different point of view. Therefore, I believe it is all in how we view other things.

Let's consider them with a vision of how everything has a connection globally. It can give so much inspiration, like this song by Lennon that I ran across on YouTube. For me, it was the whole package of the music and video together that inspired the poems I sat down and wrote after listening and watching his incredible talent. It was a live version filmed in the studio as he actually sang the song. It was captivating. It was breathtaking, and after, I couldn't help but think over his life or what I knew of it from stories told.

The main thing that stuck out in my mind was how he empowered people to love and how love for a particular woman progressed. A sure way of thinking in him was beautiful and greatly admired for how love should be felt.

A True Love Story of Inspiration

As you may have guessed, the love story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono reeled through my mind as I watched and listened. They were always together, and this sitting in a studio singing this song was no exception. She was right by his side, and I suspect part of his process that made it perfect. Below are my poems that John and his wife Yoko gave me the inspiration to write. First…we must listen to my initial inspiration, though, and then please enjoy my poetry.

John and Yoko; A Love Story


Love Always, Yoko

I beg of you to love me again;

though my begging words are


the anguish which hides within

me, keeps my dreams up at


your face drifts in and out of

view; mine eyes constantly

deceive me…

yet it is not their fault that my

crazy mind plays torture tricks

that abuse me…

A rock of gray sits in my belly;

the dull ache of its pain…

makes me wish I could close my

eyes never to wake again…

I dreamt of a destiny upon clouds

of abundance dancing and singing

as I arrived...

all heartache was finally gone

I had left it all behind…

Love Always, John

Take me on your road trip

through the unknown roads

of time…

my days are running out on

me but yours are still


Faults and forlorn I do not

blame; for it is only my fate

that will end…

at least my bleak and insane

last days were geeked with

mortal sins.

Take me on your road trip;

I will never look behind.

Alas, I will then wait for you in

a land that is separate from


I Was...I Was Not...

I’m a hero. I’m a villain.

I’m none of this; just kill it…

I’m a reason. I’m a rhyme.

I am neither, I'll say good-bye…

I’m a martyr. I’m a ghost.

No, not I, so burn the image.

I’m a label. I’m a liar, which

helped me wallow in the


how do we define ourselves

in a world of hopeless


What are you? Who was I?

The answer is never enough…

© 2016 Missy Smith


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