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An Ode Unto Thy Dying Breath

Updated on July 3, 2013

Afore I shake thy mortal coil,

flesh displaced thy spirit does spoil,

mind undone thy memories wail,

lips of blood doth now turn pale.

Aching limbs doth reach the void,

cries unsung thy tears must hide,

blessings become curses I fear thy dread,

flesh turns to stone 'twas now I'm dead.

Mumbling voices doth mourn thy loss,

crumbling tombs hidden by moss,

love and honour 'twas respect that followed,

awaits a tomb deftly hollowed.

Hymns sung with bleary eyes,

thy spirit hastened unto the skies,

eulogies echo through morning mist,

sorrowful tears fall as they twist.

Flowers scattered atop thy sod,

cover the tracks where mourners trod,

a peeling bell chimes thy toll,

serenading to sleep thy wondering soul.


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