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An Understanding Plan

Updated on August 14, 2012


today I learned something new

Well actually I already new about this but I didn't know how to put it into perspective until today. I learned a plan on how to understand others, to actually really understand someone else's demands, wishes, needs, hopes, dreams, etc. In other words to hear them say it and know what they mean! Here is the plan:

firstly you have to have the desire to want to understand others, then you come up with a plan and then write a list or steps, and then you put them into action, and thats how you get your results.

Change your mind set:

step one would be to have empathy, which means to put yourself in that other persons shoes or their situation and understand from their view how the situation is.

step two listen to the other person fully without interrupting them and hear what they have to say and do not respond or comment until they finish saying it all.

step three listen without judgement, which means that this person may not share the same life experiences and wisdom that you hold, therefore they are not going to see or understand a situation the way you do!

If you are able to do this you will probably be able to begin to understand others and their actions, behaviors, choices, etc.

Basically anything can be achieved if you desire it enough to put the effort and time into it!

Thanks for reading; I just wanted to pass this on because to me it's a good plan!


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      You are right! trust me. Martin Kloess 33

    • profile image

      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      I definitely voted up. OOH,Sassy Dee! HAH-HAH!