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Analysis of "Terminal Depression: Is It Just Me?"

Updated on March 15, 2017

The statement I chose from the story “Terminal Depression: Is It Just Me?” By Hal Crowther is “The gruesome suicide of comedian Robin Williams, one of the most organically funny individuals who ever entertained us, shocked Americans on many levels and inspired a thousand expressions of concern—and confessions—from therapists, depressives, and failed suicides”. (Crowther) This statement illustrates the extreme that depression can cause. Depression is devastating, but it can be treated.

The vocabulary in this statement is formal and very effective. In this essay so many important facts and details were included that really helped the essay make an impact. The word gruesome really catches the reader’s attention. The passage was interesting to me because I really admired and appreciated Robin Williams and his many works. It really hit home because I was so shocked when I heard the news. I could not believe that this person whom had brought so much laughter into my life was so sad that he took his own. The statement is a formal passage and it is written with a very serious tone. The statement talks about how it took this shocking suicide to inspire and help thousands of other people step up and talk openly about suicide. “Therapists, depressives and failed suicides” (Crowther) confessed or expressed their concern over depression and suicide. In this tragedy something positive resulted as many people came forward and talked about their own experiences. I think it showed people that as a society we have to look and listen more closely. Here was this extremely funny man and we had not seen how depressed he was. As a culture we have to stop judging and start helping. For far to long the stigma of mental diseases such as depression has kept those who really need help from asking for the help they so desperately need.

Sadly suicide does not hurt the person who dies – it hurts those closest to them. They are left to wonder if they missed something or if there was anything they could have done to help. This statement had very personal significance for me. I have lost people to suicide and I have suffered from depression. My mother’s best friend put a gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger when I was just a teenager. When my Mom told me about it I was so shocked because I could not imagine her doing such a thing. She had three beautiful young daughters. Now as a parent I could not imagine anything that could make me give up on living and being with my kids. I have suffered from periods of brief depression in my life. After the loss of my brother I spiraled down a rabbit hole and if it were not for my husband and family I don’t know if I would have found my way out of that slippery, deep, dark hole. I know all to well the feeling of smiling thru the pain. I also know that I had a plethora of people to talk to but I did not always want to talk. Even though I had experienced such a tragic loss I was still scared and embarrassed to reach out for help. What would others think and how would they react? Luckily for me I had family and friends who were there when I needed them. One thing I learned from my experience is that I no longer care what others think about me. Depression is not embarrassing and I will never treat it as such again.

In conclusion while depression can be devastating it is also important to remember that is can also be treated. The treatment may not be fast or easy but it is better than the alternative of suffering in silence. I hope that essay’s like this helps others seek help if they need it. Sadly so many people who commit suicide do not want to die they just want their pain to stop. How ironic that they stop their suffering but cause so much pain for those who loved them. Suicide does not hurt the victim – it hurts those that are left behind.

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