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Updated on February 1, 2016

The essence of past personas linger, to wind

around and shape the beating, breaking hearts

of new beings, freshly and nakedly born

Carrying the same soul’s core, with different eyes

Holding the same desires, offering strength

in comforting, assuring constancy

Earth inhales a life, exhales a copy. Constant

interweaving of like-fingers. Whispers like wind

through the changing of time, making strong

the precious offspring of hearts

once vital. Similar features eyeing

the same prize of the former-born

The branches of the ancestral tree bear

leaves that call in unison, consistently

pulsating the same song. The Eye

bears witness to its children winded,

turned erratic by external forces, and heartens

them to listen to the music of shared strength

The same known truths lie beneath the strong

newly-formed bones, turning doubt still-born,

but acknowledging thoughts too heart-wrenching

to be felt alone. Instead in constant,

nodding agreement, carried with the wind

from the spirit of a crone to an infant’s eyes

The Ancestors! They are hidden in earthly eyes

They are piercing the growing, strengthened

flesh to bestow their mannerisms. Winding

and weaving a shared blanket to birth

new entities onto. Constantly

seeping through time, dimensions, and hearts

to touch the mind of the one so like them. Heart-felt

caresses from those hands held, secrets from the eyes

in a fading photograph. A melody of constant,

rhythmic rhyme, undying time, a strengthening

reverence for the mystery of re-birth,

as pieces of the others arise from new skin. Winding

though the vast ages, similar eyes

appear, that bear with them the strength

of a legacy, shared in loving constancy

© 2016 Marié Patricia Nicolina Murray


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