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...Anchors Away... (A Mermaid Chronicle)

Updated on December 15, 2011

Chains That Bind

So young was the girl who thought love laid in the palm of the hand of the liar. So naive with unspoken anger and guilt, wrapped up in chains of premeditated abuse and primal urgency. She had been left to lay along the shores of her life covered in sand and sweat and hated the fish hook memories in her swollen and bloated tail.

She waited for her end in anticipation. She had dreamt that she would have the chance to confront her abuser before she was judged and released into the black ocean of Eternity. She slapped her fins on the dock wishing to die there as the boat approached and the ferryman smiled his black toothed grin.

He reached out his hook and caught her around the waist, dragging her off the old structure, splitting her scales with rotten splinters. She didn't fight against him. She had wanted to see him again, just one last time. She appeared weak and docile and he turned his back to her as they travelled down the misted channel into icy darkness.

Placing his scythe aside he looked her over and saw the scales falling off while splinters made her bleed. As he looked closer he saw tiny faces dancing in the shimmering healthy scales near her hips and immediately became completely entranced.

She saw his eyes begin to glaze over in euphoria and closed her own so she could concentrate on building the power to assault him. As he lifted his arm to reach out and touch her, she raised up on her own arms and arched her back toward the sky. She then slammed down her hips as hard as she could and her enormous tail lifted up in a swift swatch of strength that slapped him back with such force that he fell over the side and into the black abyss. She laughed a high pitched screech until she saw his leech fingers slide stickily over the edge of the bow.

Off With His Head

She reached for the scythe and swung her tail around to protect her as he tried to pull himself back in. She positioned herself to swing it as he slid back over the edge. He shifted from ferryman to a batch of black snakes that slithered in and around her.

Twisting up and around her massive tail they hissed and tightened. Tiny rivulets of blood sprayed out and spattered along the floor. The inside of the boat was slick with the red film. She held fast to the curved blade and pulled herself up with all the strength she had left.

When the snakes had completely wrapped around her they began to merge back into the ferryman. He had her where he could do anything but he didn't account for the anger that had grown inside her and burned from her earliest memories. It had turned her inside out with pain and although she had many times tried to bury it, she never could fully release it. She could never settle on "just letting it go".

Her skin began to boil beneath him. He was able to withstand it for quite sometime as he wound his filthy black fingers into her hair and violated her every pore with his presence. The mist around them grew so heavy they could no longer see each other.

She let her temperature drop. She became still inside and allowed to fire to die. He felt her coldness beneath him and slowly withdrew from her. She was like a huge dead fish and her pale skin began to glow translucently through the fog. He stood up and saw the junction coming up where she would be dropped down into the Eternal Black Ocean.

Her eyes narrowed behind him and she saw the beheading in her mind. She built up the scene so many times before that her movements were swift with precision. She swung the scythe once and watched as his blackened head plunged into the dark water.

Death and Leverage

The boat got caught in a whirlpool of black water and there was no where for her to escape. She entered the Eternal Black Ocean expecting to see his haunting head but it was long gone. She drifted down and deep into the caverns that felt familiar to her. She was awash with memories connected to him and words that were spoken that led to her eventual demise.

She could feel things brushing past her, saw glittering black diamond eyes swimming past her with their own haunted memories. She sank further and faster until she landed on the black silty bottom. As she waited to see it, it came. His head drifted alongside her.

"Are you done then, with this?" The question came from within her own head. "Can you drop the achor here and rise back up to finish your other life?" She felt around her and indeed there was a chain with an anchor attached to her tail. She could slip out of it and leave it here, satisfied and finally dismembering the fatal memories that had been holding her down and making her burn everyone and everything that meant anything to her. She had to come to the point where she knew that it was never her fault and it was never fair what had happened to her, especially before she understood what it was and would be.

She needed to realize that it was her fault for allowing herself to be anchored down with it for so many years, fantasizing about leverage and revenge. That would never be the way out again because the creature she had turned into used to be a beautiful human girl with no cares in the world. He was to blame for turning her into the animal she had become. But she was to blame for holding on to it so long that she could never go back.

Or could she?

She slid the chain off and begin the ascension to the surface.


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  • Carole Anzolletti profile image

    Carole Anzolletti 6 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth

    Hello April ~ thank you for seeing it just the way it was meant to be seen :)

  • April Reynolds profile image

    April Reynolds 6 years ago from Arizona

    Wow, this is such a powerful story. Revenge, so costly, so consuming. Responsibility so humbling. Forgiveness, so divine, so freeing.