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Ancient derision

Updated on July 28, 2015

Expectations can sometimes be deadly
People anticipate perfect beauty
They are amazed by your positive attitude about life
They assume you can't make mistakes and feel strife

Christians! Oh my fellow Christians! Hear my plea!
Don't let the devil win in our adversity
After baptism you declare your holy salvation
The devils would mock this! Saying there's no such recognition

People carefully watch how you speak
Waiting for a chance that you'll be meek
They say as a Christian you should not be aggrieved
While they mock and spit on you, they expect you not to resist

As I walk with Christ and struggle because of sin
People wait for my attitude to be dim
They assume a Christian's life is carefree and exquisite
One wrong move I make and they will say I'm such a hypocrite

God has not given us spirit of fear or timidity
Stand up and fight peoples mockery
Be strong and courageous! This is the command
Remember, you can't be moved! Fight! Victory is at hand

God doesn't want you to be inferior
He already washed your sins and weakness, he knows your endeavor
Be careful how you speak about the truth and salvation
For they can twist your words to challenge your conviction

Let love dominate your heart and soul
Let God work miracles in your life as you grow
Knowing your worth in God's eyes is glorious
Keep the faith and let Jesus fight your foes

Take up your cross and resist temptation
Take off the heavy yoke of anger that leads to devastation
I found my identity in Christ after a long struggle
It was not easy, it was a never ending battle

Pain, confusion and anger filled my heart
While I'm I'm agony the devil delights with his evil craft
Fight the good fight my friends
Jesus our savior love has no end

You might say I'm delusional and mad
Go on and mock me with all you have
I'll smile and shake my head while I look up in the sky
Nothing can compare to the peace I have inside! Your mockery is just like a whisper of a fly



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