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Updated on December 12, 2011

When I first met you

Angels Blessed Me

When I first met you, I could barely speak
So many angels around you
Each one kissed me, gently on the cheek
I had prayed for love, passion, and desire
Someone to set my soul on fire
I asked the angels everyday
Was there anyone to make me feel this way?
I think I dreamt you into my life
I don’t think I was prepared
Somehow, you touched me deep inside
I became a little scared
I thought about you night and day
In my dreams for you I’d pray
We walked together side by side
Open and honest Nothing to hide
Days months and years go past
Angels it is you I ask
I wonder could it last.
Time goes way too fast
Angels blessed me without a fight
Saying all will be OK
Guiding me with glorious light
So hard to walk away
VH 11/06/11


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