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Anime Lover (Poem)

Updated on April 8, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

Arjay is a simple anime lover. He watches anime during his free time and tries to be updated to some of the anime he loves.

Many of us loves anime

We loved and admired Naruto

Watched Shippuuden everyday

Some hated, others idolized Obito

Joined the adventure in search of one piece

Seeing Luffy help his friends

Enjoyed as their powers increase

Cries as the life of Ace ends

We also accompanied Gon to look for Ging

Saw Kurapika chase the Spiders

Watched Gon and Killua train with Wing

Excited to see GREED islands’ players

Trained with Natsu to be a strong dragon slayer

See him fight with Gray all day

Obverse Erza’s requip magic power

Gaze at each guild members own way

Fight with Ichigo to protect his love ones

Stop Aizen from his evil plans

Watch as Kon makes his puns

Evade as Coyote Starrk use his guns

Don’t stare at Lelouch’s eyes

Because he might use his geass

Be careful because he is also wise

In making strategies, he is fast

We also ventured the universe

To fight Frieza and the others

Amazed by many of Bulma’s gears

As some characters die, we shed some tears

We also joined Ed and Al Elric

Use alchemy to bring their mother back

But failed at the goal they seek

Because of the knowledge they lack


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    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 12 months ago from Philippines

      Glad you like it :)

    • Robert Schumacher profile image

      Robert Schumacher 12 months ago