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Another Day To Dance

Updated on June 19, 2011

Dance Of a relationship


Love's Triumph

We all enter into a courtship of happiness and warmth

Over time the tides of life tear at that happiness you once knew

The warmth is no longer so warm

The dance of another kind begins

As you dance the dance of life in separate ways

A tear rolls down that once glowing face

The emptiness is a song unwanted by most

It plays on for another day

Until days are now months

And the tears have fallen uncontrollably

Reaching for each other just missing

Continuing with hope

The interference of many people

Negating the negativity sent our way

The music begins to change

Pulling you further away from my grasp

As I reach for you I cannot help to notice

The dance has weathered you as well

I notice a change in expression

A look of lost hope

I start another dance

In which the music of life no longer

Has a hold on me, I begin to dance towards you

As you reach for me, we clinch hands

You pull me closer, tighter than ever before

For you never want to return

To the time before in which feeling alone was apparent

No longer will that be

I once again look into those beautiful eyes of wonder

I can feel the love and excitement racing thru your fingertips

Holding tightly I feel so safe and secure once again

I will continue to dance the dance today

With you by my side, never a good bye

I will always look forward to ....

Dance another Day.


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