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Another Destination

Updated on March 20, 2017
Merouane profile image

I am Merouane.I am an English university student.I have been writing in English for ages: I write short stories, poems, articles, essays.

Asking people to queue for the bus, he got angry.No one listened to him.All he wanted is people to be organized, but they just ignored him and looked at him as though he were mad.

Now that no one wanted to listen to him, he started shouting at them to queue for the bus.Again it was in vain because they kept ignoring him, looking at him in a very patronizing way.

As the bus arrived, they started fighting and running to get into it, forming a huge crowd.He got out of the crowd so angry, and the moment he turned back and looked at the crowd, he beheld someone's hand unzapping a girl's handbag.

He got into the crowd again heading towards that person.It was undoubtedly a hand of a thief.He wanted to reach it as soon as he could, but the poor guy did not know that the hand was not alone.Two eyes were watching the hand to help it do the job well.He put his hand on that thief's hand and drew it harshly out of the handbag.

Now, their eyes met.He got frightened because they were not any eyes;they were a thief's eyes.The thief could recognise that the poor guy was afraid of him, so he pulled him with one hand and began to punch him on the face with the other, yet Hamza fought back couragely till the thief was knocked down.

The eyes that were watching the hand approached the poor guy.Because the place was overcrowded by people, the thief's friend could easily do what he wanted to do.The poor guy fell on the ground.Then the two thieves ran off as fast as they could.

The ambulance was called for.One hour later, the poor guy was in hospital.He was badly bleeding.The thief's friend stabed him with a knife.When his mother learned what happened to her son that he is in at hospital, she rushed out of her house crying.As soon as she arrived at the hospital, she was told that her son was gone.The woman fell into the group on her kneels crying and screaming.

Hamza was a university student who, like any student at that level, had many goals and had always been hoping to achieve them, but it seems that his goals have always been just dreams.


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