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Another Love Dies- Poem by Rebecca Wood

Updated on January 23, 2012

Another Love Dies

This poem basicly tells my past relationship life, but I am sure everyone can relate to a small part of this poem. I have finally found the one to tame my free spirit. He is the one I am referring to in the last four lines of this poem. I hope you like it.

The day she left town

She had to let him down

She didn't let him down easy or slow

Another love dies when someone has to go

They both came on strong

Like their love had nothing wrong

Losing the flame after giving into their desire

Another love dies when you drown the fire

She tried to deny her heart

But he could see it from the start

She knows that he knows

Another love dies when another love grows

He gave it all he had

But she was broken, bruised, and sad

She lost all hope, didn't even care to cry

Another love dies when one doesn't try

She missed the love and life she had with him

But he was to afraid to give in again

He left her alone and didn't show that he cared

Another love dies when someone gets scared

She wouldn't let him go without a fight

She and her dad battled out all night

He broke them apart, she would never forgive

Another love dies because another love will always live

P.S. We all three get along now. We get along better now than we ever did.


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