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Another lonely night

Updated on December 4, 2014

Can you hear me?

Are you listening?

Can you hear me?

I'm beginning to feel like my faith is falling on deaf ears

and my faith is getting weak.

Father god I am loyal to you in heart

but its fighting with the smarts in me to believe that you are listening

can you hear me?

I scream to my ceiling jesus!

I scream god!


please send me a sign

send me anything

but all I seem to hear is silence

I'm looking for you.

I'm coming

I'm here

I bend to your throne

face down into the very hands you created to give you my hopes

and dreams

and crubble them into balls of deep desire

to give a poem worthy enough for you to read

to do a chemical equation that has the thing to catch your loving eyes

to teach you something that would make chemistry simple as counting

but none of this means nothing if you can't even hear me

can you hear me?


Can I introduce myself to your soul?

Can I introduce myself to your soul?

Say hello as we dance to the beat of the wind

Shake hands like lava in the Hawaiian the sea's

Let our smiles reflected on the millions of mirrors that view our face

Lets break all rules and break all walls down like a wrecking ball

Can my vibrated rainbow smash into canvas of your perfect understanding of the world?

Sit down on the top of a fluffy cloud and enjoy watching the regular people dance

and live there lives

as we spin with the wind

dancing on air balloons

lets make out with life

twirling our tongues sensual sections were no other has been

can I introduce myself to your soul?

I'm afraid of falling in love

I'm afraid to fall in love

I'm afraid I will meet someone who's voice sends shivers to my spine

eye's that would melt my walls away

skin and face that leaves me stuck in one spot from fear that I would throw away all my morals

I'm afraid to meet someone who's being is so beautiful that I feel inferior to even call myself his

someone who's strength demands attention and respect from the sight of him

What would a man like that want with me?

I don't have much money to give someone as bless as that to stay.

I'm not Barbie nor Mary.

What could a man like that want with me?

Someone who's laugh is sprinkled in butterflies is sure to take my space

How could I ever show face?

How could I ever feel that I could touch the floor his toes walked on again?

How could I?

So I would rather not be in love.

Do angels cry?

Do angels cry?

Can they feel sorrow?

Do they worry about tomorrow?

If they do

Do they even why a clue why?

Can someone explain do angels cry?


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    • SilentMagenta profile image

      SilentMagenta 3 years ago

      Yes I did. Thank you so much.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      you wrote this by yourself? Awesome. You got talent in poems.