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A love poem part 5

Updated on May 26, 2013

Fella's tell her a poem tonight.

Write her one too.

Ladies tell him a poem back.......a short one.

Write him one too and see what happens.

People like to feel special. Make them feel special.........TODAY!

Here's 2 I wrote years ago and I just modified it.

Detoxicating love for the one

I desire to detox you with God's love and
change that doubt to belief, and move you
from that place of pain and share an
unselfish relief, unselfish release. A continuous, fabulous
circulating rapture that my heart desires to
capture and alleviate and arrest any sad
feelings and loose and unearthly flow of love
that will purify you and I and to be
stimulated for more of Love's down pour
from above. I desire to be your
Golden seal, Eucalyptus, Echinacea, honeybee
pollen to wear like a suit. I desire to be
your cinnamon, GINGER, DandeLION, catnip,
licorice root, relaxing the nerves, seeking
to purge out fear so we can shine and unwind and be rid
of that toxic fever that rusts the mind.
Let me be your juniper berry, frankincense,
horsetail, yellowdock, so as the years go by
you'll see that my love is a rock. Don't stop!

The door is open for you

Baby If I had you, my dreams would be complete, my queen you would always be-
Lady If your love is true, you'd be my girl for all to see, yes for every eye to see-

the door is open for you-

If I had you, there would be no time for lust to creep up between us-
My love is true, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, let me know when it's enough-

the door is open for you-

This is a lover's dream, Girl I see you as my queen-
Why don't you share your fantasies with me, I want to know you-

the door is open for you-

I'll be giving you all of me, I want you to know me-
Forgive me if I stare, truly I do care,

the door is open for you-

No need to worry, these words are for you only, yes I believe in love-

Because doubters bore me, no they don't know me, yes I believe in love-

the door is open for you- for you-


If you would like to know more about the author please go here.


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