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Another pointless death

Updated on November 9, 2015

Governments Think Alike.

One true and determining fact all major countries have in common.when it cones to wars that don't concern us,they have to get matter the cost to the country they engage quite often in wars they cannot and will not win.billions of dollars of cash thrown in to these horrible pursuits when there are thousands of children dying of starvation each day.i think at last count a child dies every twenty seconds due to's a fact that all governments should be ashamed of in this day and age.there are better ways to spend the money.

Another pointless death.
Another war in another country
Israel and Lebanon,just another country
On 20th July 2006,war escalated to the full
The worlds biggest powers have lost their pull
As usual in ear the costs are high
150 kids dead,it makes you cry.
World leaders quiet,not even a sigh
They care not a not,they didn't even try
Day by day the fighting goes on
Kids death toll rises,their plight goes on
Who will intervene,who will help out
America and Britain,I seriously doubt
Only interested in what they can get
They'll not go to battle,it is a sure bet.
Nothing to gain,nothing to prosper
Conceited ideas,that'll only foster
At the very last minute,they jump right in
Playing the heroes,committing the sin
Once it's finished,the story's forgot
The poor families who suffer,it won't be forgot.

No Conscience

The worlds major powers have a definite character flaw.i honestly think the presidents and prime ministers and leaders have no conscience and no scruples when it comes to sending innocent soldiers all over the world to lose their lives.i often wonder how they can sleep at night with all the needless deaths on their conscience. As long as they are not going to war themselves physically,I genuinely think they do not care.

Resources Wasted

How many soldiers are actively on duty in the world today? It must number in the millions.the soldiers time would be better deployed to assist charities in humanitarian projects around the would be a better place as a soldiers dedication is present in every job they undertake.

Its All About the Money.

Lets be honest,the only reason any country invades another under the guise of (HELPING THE PEOPLE),is for money. Nothing as noble as helping the countries suffering people.if the country has natural resources,be assured that other bigger countries will use this to their advantage as has Happened recently,to further their own ends.Britain and America HELPED Iraq to freedom,and of course it had nothing to do with ,on the occasion of victory the helpers were given the rights to that countries oil reserves for three years,not bad negotiating if you can get away with it.

Times Gone By

long ago countries would help others through compassion.they helped as it was the right thing to,unless there is financial gain to be had,it's everyone to themselves.the smaller poorer countries suffer over time,whilst the bigger nations seem to prosper.times have changed and not for the best.

What the Future Holds!

What does the future of modern war fare hold.will there be ever increasing need to rely on technology and robotics to do the job of the soon to be unemployed soldiers.will we be targeting countries the other side of the world with the flick of an electronic switch.when it comes to the future of warfare,the future is far from set in stone.

Constant debate!

Should soldiers be sent abroad to help other countries?

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Unsure again.

im still of the opinion that our soldiers should only be sent to other countries,if the other options have been totally exhausted.i actually debate often whether they should not be sent at all. Opinion on this is as divided as it ever has been. The fact our soldiers give their lives sometimes doesn't sit with me too makes me uncomfortable that British soldiers give their lives to a cause that more often than not,has no direct effect on us. I'm not sure a life being taken has any justification at all. We see enough of this daily on the news with terrorist groups killing for a cause,no life is worth any cause.


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