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Another soldier lost

Updated on November 9, 2015


why has society became so accepting of war

why are we letting it happen,why settle a score

a cause that isn't ours,we have no business there

each time we lose a life,cuts me to the core.

pointless,needless seems a bit mean

everyday the same,each day the same scene.

bring our guys back

it may be a noble cause

Many more lives need to be lost

before we sit and take a pause.

Soldier soldier

July the 2nd 2006, another fix
Two soldiers killed,in the Afghanistan jinx.
Needlessly killed,needlessly died
Families again broke down and cried
Bush and Blair,didn't give a toss
Tony and George,think their the boss
It will keep on going,it'll never end
Bush and Blair squirming,to suit their own end
The Taliban underestimated again,
Politicians don't care,as long as it's not them
It has to be stopped,bring our boys back
Not the middle of know where,off the beaten track
Back to their loved ones,their families and friends
Back from danger,deny Bush and his friends
It makes more sense,keep our noses out
Forethought is a great thing,off this there's no doubt.


bravest,selfless,thinking only of others

ignoring the risk of personal harm,thinking only of others

in to hostile countries,without blinking an eye

i hear one loses their life,I let out a sigh.

families traumatised,losing one of their own

tragedy hurts,seeds of doubt are sewn.

A hero in disguise.

Easy life.

daily most of us worry about how we stretch our cash

not about your life being taken,literally in a flash.

dealing with traffic,stupid things,everyday mundane

not flying to afghanistan,in a camouflaged plane.

we have it really lucky,these soldiers have it rough

waking every morning

life is definitely a bit more rough.


if the day actually came,forced to do national service

woukd you fight the call,would you avoid your service.

fight for your Liberty,refuse to go

would you succeed in law,no one will ever know.

would it be popular with the public.would it get voted through

would you get uniformed up,put on your military shoe.

Built to protect.

Total respect.

all we can afford these people are our prayers and respect.respect for the role they take up willingly each day and don't complain about makes me feel ashamed of the menial things I may moan about on a daily basis,then you think of a day in the life of a soldier.puts it in to perspective.

Can't even think.

i cannot fathom what these brave people go through each day.they wake up making decisions that could mean the difference between life and death.what's the hardest thing I need to do each day,what shop I will visit,what will I do later in the day.we have it immeasurably easier than your average soldier without a doubt.

Suffering families.

soldiers families must suffer terribly each day,waking each morning hoping for good news from the front line,dreading the news will be bad.not sleeping the whole time they're away on duty.doesn't even comprehend in the average persons mentality.we have it very easy indeed.

Ideal scenarios.

war ends,no need for guns,

no need for killing,no need for famine

,no need for illness,no need for disease

what a day that would be

never going to happen I suspect.


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