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Another's Dream- A poem about true love

Updated on January 11, 2013

Title: Another's Dream

I engraved our names

In a stone today

Just in case another time

We get lost in our own way

In case we forget our promise

Or just to remind care

I’ll be here to hold you

If you promise to be there

All I ever wanted

Was for you to see

That nothing can take away

What’s shared of you and me

You are the fragment

The other half of me

And without that half to know

I’d rather just not be

I shed a tear today

Some pain comes now and then

It’s all about being there

With our life to spend

I never have to question

It’s just meant to be

A moment frozen in your eyes

Reflecting you and me

Just never look away, please

What we have is far too special

What we share is another’s dream

One we can share forever

As long as we hold each other

And promise to never let go


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