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Antecedents of a GoldDigger

Updated on May 4, 2021

The Past

I was just 18 when Cal Verity and I became lovers. It was the most romantic most wonderful time in my life.

So he was twice my age, but handsome, fun, bright, and rich.

Yes, Cal was married. But it was to a horse faced woman who aged badly.

She had creases, wore her hair in an unbecoming pixie and was always busy with her interests, Which is why Cal turned to me; a young beautiful woman who could devote her life to pleasing him.

It was an amazing time; a fantastic summer where Cal, (who was friendly with my Uncle Dave) told him about this almost private guest house on Long Island.

Uncle Dave told my folks about this wonderful resort. Instead of a boring three weeks in the Catskills my family and I were two miles from Cal's home.

Cal got me a cute summer job as a cashier in a little gourmet restaurant so when
my folks went home I remained in a 'safe' little room at the guest house supervised
by Mr. & Mrs. Blaustein whom I called Uncle Stan and Aunt Zel.

My parents had no idea I'd met Cal Verity at Uncle Dave's Easter picnic and that
we'd become lovers in May. The Long Island vacation job was a scam. Once my folks were gone I could fill every second with Cal.

Although I was to go off to college in September I had no intention of leaving my darling. And that is where I was on August 15th, The day before the night I told Cal I was pregnant.

And Then I Told Him I Was Pregnant..

We were in bed, he adoring my body when I told him.

"Don't joke..." he muttered.

"I'm not..."

Cal pulled from me as if I'd turned into a corpse, his face contorted. He grabbed his cell phone from the night table, punched in a number.

Giving me an eye corner, ordered;"Get dressed..."

"Where are we going?"

"Where do you think we're going? You have to get rid of it..." he sneered.

Now, I was a stupid girl. There is no other word for it, no other excuse. I was stupid. I hadn't realised this guy, old enough to be my father, had me as a cheap whore. The idea of my genes polluting his child was abhorrent.

The expression in his eyes shouted that he would sooner drown me in the pool
then risk his marriage.

I was a stupid girl, but but not suicidal. I didn't make another sound. I dressed.

Cal took me to a doctor's office(this was midnight), brought me into the exam room,
saw me lay on the table, watched the doctor begin, then went out.

The Fairy Tale Ends

My abortion didn't take fifteen minues.

When I had dressed and come out of the room, Cal was gone. The doctor pointed to a taxi parked across the street.

I went to the Taxi, got in, and it drove off. I didn't need to say a word. I was returned to the guest house.

My room had been 'policed'. I could smell the bleach, note the absence of the few items Cal had kept there. I sat on the bed, too stunned to cry. Maybe an hour ago I'd been in bed with my beloved, now I was totally alone.

The next day Mrs. Blaustein handed me an unmarked envelope containing $25,000.00 and told me that today was my last day. The once compassionate "Aunt Zel" was as cold as a Nazi guard.

Alteration of Perception

It was like stepping into an alternative universe.

Everything on August 16th looked exactly as it had on the 15th. The same people occupying the same roles. Yet, their reaction to me was the opposite of what it had been.

I went to the phone and called my folks, forcing my voice to sound bouncy. They were surprised I'd be home two weeks early, but guessed that the novelty of the place had worn off.

I packed my bag, got on the Long Island Railway and was home for dinner.

My mother said I didn't look well, I told her I was really tired and went to my room.
That's when I cried. Lying in what had been my virgin bed before Easter, I cried.
I cried for my lost 'innocence' for my stupidity.

Then I stopped crying and decided I would use the experience as a life lesson.

The Result

I learned a lot from the experience and decided to never be the victim again.

I would use every man who crossed my path. Money would be my beloved, and I would become rich enough so that no one could move me around like a chess piece, then toss me out as defective goods.

At University I avoided the students and enticed my professors who gave me 'A's.
I slept with everyone who could help me in life; I knew how to tempt and tease and trick and play.

My first husband was thirty years older than me. I divorced him as soon as I could to get someone even richer, and that's why I am where I am today, a very wealthy, powerful woman, recently widowed by her third very rich husband.


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